US Election 2020 LIVE – Donald Trump KNOWS presidency is over and is riling up supporters to kill time, report claims

DONALD Trump knows his hopes of clinging on to the presidency are over and is now just stalling for time, a new report has claimed.

On Wednesday the President reportedly held a meeting with top advisors who told him he had no hope of clinging on to the job after Joe Biden’s election win, leaving Trump clutching at straws for his next move.

He initially raised the prospect of putting forward pro-Trump electors in states won by Joe Biden, so that they might ignore voters’ wishes and hand the President a second term instead, according to the New York Times.

But such ideas are simply Trump trying to delay the transition of power to Joe Biden while he figures out what to do post-presidency and are not serious attempts to ignore the election result, sources told the paper.

The report comes as Joe Biden was finally confirmed as having won in Arizona, turning the state blue for the first time since 1996.

The announcement from outlets including ABC, NBC, and CNN came after more than a week of counting following Election Day.

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