US heat wave 2021 live – Safety tips as extreme weather across West US including California, Arizona & Texas hits 120F

A MASSIVE heatwave is forcing parts of the southwest into the triple digits just as states like California, Arizona and Texas reach record high temperatures.

Temperatures hit so high in California, Governor Gavin Newsom issued a state of emergency due to the strain on the state’s energy grid.

A high pressure dome has buckled over the West coast, forcing high jet stream winds to move heat picked up from vast swathes of soil sucked dry by the area’s historic drought.

Likewise, this year’s heat wave came much earlier and is likely to stay much longer. This gets compounded by this year’s two-decade long dry spell some experts have called a “megadrought.”

Phoenix, which is seeing some of the highest temperatures this week, tied a record for the second day in a row when it reached 115 degrees (46 Celsius) Wednesday and was expected to hit 117 (47 Celsius) each of the next two days, the National Weather Service said.

A few clouds were holding the temperatures down slightly in the desert region of southwest Arizona and southeast California. But there was no real relief expected from the excessive heat warning in effect until at least Sunday.

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