US hits ANOTHER record high day with 185k Covid cases as overwhelmed hospitals convert parking garages to treat patients

THE United States has hit another record high day for coronavirus cases as overworked hospitals convert parking garages into patient treatment areas to keep up with a deluge of cases.

Daily cases have hovered between 80,000 and 180,000 per day over the past two weeks, with the US recording 185,527 new cases and 1,912 deaths on Thursday, according to NBC News’ tracker.

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The US hit another record high for Covid cases on Thursday as hospitals struggle to keep up [/caption]

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More than 185,000 new infections and 1,912 deaths were recorded, according to NBC News’ tracker[/caption]

Covid-related hospitalizations surged to another high of 79,000 yesterday and cases spiked up to 170,000 across the 50 states.

The country’s seven-day average stands at 1,200 daily deaths – the highest it has been in months – after skyrocketing to 1,800 deaths yesterday.

Hospitals are struggling to stay afloat nationwide, with many of them converting spaces like chapels, cafeterias, and even parking garages into treatment spaces for Covid patients.

In Nevada, some Covid patients at Renown Regional Medical Center were moved into its parking garage.

Photos of the converted garage show its Alternative Care site made from endless rows of pristinely made hospital beds covered with sheets of plastic.

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Long lines for coronavirus testing have started to pop up around the country[/caption]

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170,000 Covid infections were recorded in the US on Wednesday[/caption]

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At least 25 states are currently reporting shortages of doctors and nurses, according to a Stat analysis[/caption]

Things have reportedly become so dire that some patients are reportedly being shuffled hundreds of miles away to other states for treatment.

At least 25 states are currently reporting shortages in nurses and doctors, according to an analysis from Stat, a medical news organization.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has strongly advised against Thanksgiving celebrations, warning that large indoor gatherings could make an already bad situation worse.

Officials recommended that Americans avoid traveling during the holiday next week to stop the spread as states struggle to quell infections.

But the travel recommendation is a strong recommendation, not a requirement, CDC official Henry Walke said on a call with reporters on Thursday.

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A record-high 79,000 people were hospitalized for Covid on Wednesday[/caption]

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The country’s seven-day average stands at 1,200 daily deaths[/caption]


Hospitals have converted chapels and even cafeterias into Covid treatment centers to keep up with demand[/caption]

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The CDC has advised Americans against traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday to stop the spread[/caption]

The government agency said it was making the recommendation after many states across the country have experienced a surge in coronavirus cases in recent weeks.

The news comes as long lines to get tested have reappeared across the US – a reminder that the nation’s testing system remains unable to keep pace with the virus.

The delays are happening as the country braced for winter weather, flu season and holiday travel, all of which are expected to amplify a US outbreak that has already swelled past 250,000 deaths.

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Long lines to get tested have reappeared across the US[/caption]


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