USA: the body of a child found in a makeshift camp

The body of a boy of 4 years was found in a makeshift camp in New Mexico, where eleven children were living in very poor conditions, police said. Two men were arrested Friday as part of a search operation that lasted for several months to find a child, has risen to the office of the sheriff for the county of Taos. “We discovered the body yesterday, the day of the fourth anniversary of Abdul”, said Tuesday the sheriff Jerry Hogrefe.

The investigation of the forces of the order had begun in December 2017 in the county of Jonesboro, Georgia, where Siraj Wahhaj was suspected of abducting his son Abdul-Ghani. The mother had told the police that the child –who was suffering from epilepsy as well as cognitive problems and development– had gone to the park with his father, but that they were never income.

Two men arrested

The sheriff Hogrefe was obtained on August 2, a search warrant for a “makeshift camp surrounded by tires and a dirt road” where the father of 39-year-old was supposed to hide in the company of another man, identified as Lucas Morten.

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When the police operation was conducted the next day, the two men were discovered nearby, in the middle of the bushes of the desert in New Mexico, with a semi-automatic rifle AR-15, five magazines of 30 rounds full, and four guns loaded. Mr. Morten was indicted for having hidden a fugitive and Siraj Wahhaj has been placed in detention under the arrest warrant issued in Georgia for the kidnapping of a child.

Three women are considered the mothers of the eleven children aged one to 15 years –all of which are supported by the authorities– have also been arrested, and then released pending the result of the investigation. But Abdul was not found on this occasion. After the interrogation of the suspects Friday and Saturday, the police returned on the spot. And they found his remains. His mother had explained to the authorities that the father wished to exorcise his son, which he thought the health problems were due to a demon. The encampment made with wood pallets, baches plastic and other waste had little food and water. Its occupants had no shoes and were clothed in rags.

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