Valve will be temporarily suspended (again) erotic games on Steam

It would seem that the games of an erotic nature are temporarily suspended on Steam. A decision strange, especially when we know that Valve wants to propose new tools to allow users to filter the titles that do not interest them from any of their custom streams.

A policy is not really clear

As a reminder, Valve had already asked the developers to remove “sexually explicit content” from their games at the risk of seeing the titles simply removed from Steam. A decision that had sparked a controversy within the community. In the Face of this booming, Valve had revised its copy, stating that the company would allow all on Steam except the elements of “unlawful or subject to purely troll“.

Therefore, why is there a suspension of the adult games currently ? Wonder, especially when we learned last June that users would have access to a better control on what they want or not to see on the platform. This is what the developers of the game for adults Shining Song Starnova have experienced. These were awaiting approval from Valve. However, the studio has informed the players that the game’s release would be delayed. The reason for this ? Valve doesn’t want this game before the introduction of the new features of the platform.

On the other hand, the criteria of Valve are still extremely unclear, and we still don’t know when exactly will be deployed with these new features. Remains to be seen if the company will soon clarify its policy.

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