Sell his clothes : making money by making the storage


The end of the season has arrived, and you already know that you will back some more this beautiful john, or this cute leather jacket ? Why not sell and as well to round your ends of the month ? Sell its clothing is one of the most obvious (and conventional) to earn a bit of money. And yet, rare are the people who make it. Result : very often, the used clothing will end up in the trash, which led to a real mess and the economic and ecological…

So really, with all the existing solutions, it would be a shame to miss an opportunity to get rid of your old clothes while in the rewarding, and it would be a shame as you loose this opportunity to earn a few euros !

This article was first published in 2014 and updated in June 2018 with the latest information.

Why sell your business ?

There are plenty of reasons why you can sell your clothes online :

  • They do you like more : “It was good when I was 20 years old, but now I’m 25 and I’m a professional. “
  • They don’t go : “The plan worked, awesome ! “
  • They are no longer in fashion : “The capri pants this is so 2005 ! “
  • Baby has grown up (and enter no more in his whole Spiderman).
  • Your children went off to study elsewhere and have left a pile of clothes behind them (they will probably be more).
  • You have a mess monster, so it’s time to throw which is (almost) over.

I know, I’ve had that experience, it is sometimes hard to sell his clothes, to separate them. It is sometimes sentimentally attached, or you say ” I bought this jean for 80 euros, I will still not sell it… “

But yet, if you wish to earn money, you should not miss this. I don’t guaranteed not to make a fortune, but remember that you will do two birds with one stone (and even more) : you meet the piggy bank and you will make a storage need in your cupboards and your attic. And in addition, giving a second life to clothes that you have left for dead, selling them at a reduced price (because they are second-hand), you make a gesture, a social and an ecological gesture.

How do I decide what clothes I’m going to sell ?

If you’re like me, you’ll have trouble deciding between what you want to keep and what you wish to sell.

Then make three piles of clothes :

  • The battery 1 contains the clothes that you put still regularly (or those that you will when the season proper will start).
  • The battery 2 includes all the clothes you no longer put these last 6 months and of which you absolutely want to get rid. What are these clothes that you will sell.
  • The stack 3 is the battery problem. This is to all those business which you rechignes to rid yourself, because you are the fasteners still a sentimental value or you think that you the back some day. Put these clothes to one side, and in 6 months, put on sale all those that you have not taken the trouble to deliver.

Another method is to make a single stack by type of clothing (pants, dresses, shirts, etc), and apply the award of the sale to those who are in the bottom of the pile after a few months.

Un vide grenier pour vendre des vetements

Take advantage of the empty attic to sell your clothes

Where sell clothes ?

To sell his clothes, nothing replaces a good old-fashioned flea market or a good old garage sale. Level of friendliness, we have not yet found a better one. In your city, you will find can be also stores deposit-sale of clothing.

The grants for clothing are also a good way to sell your business : you make a good gesture, since usually these scholarships are intended for the poorest or families in financial difficulty. The site Trading-to-clothes lists all the scholarships to the clothing of France.

Finally, there is the online sales. In view of the many sites of empty dressing room, to sell its clothes online has become a business in its own right that attracts more and more internet users.

Sell its clothing online

Let’s start with the unmissable sites of small ads. Whether PriceMinister, Ebay , or from The Proper Corner, you know them all : the case of general sites, they allow you to sell a lot of things on the Internet, but these are probably not the sites with the most suitable and most efficient if you want to buy or sell your clothes. And then attention to the commissions, sometimes quite high, as you can see on this article of the blog iGraal.

In doing research for this article, I discovered a whole segment of the Internet which was unknown to me until then. These are the sites of empty dressing room. The principle is almost always the same : you create first a profile on the site that interests you, you take a photo of the clothing you wish to sell, and you put the item for sale. Some of the proposed sites you will commissions, others will take care of the delivery of the package ; and still others are rather intended for a clientele of luxury. Here are a few, who usually have their mobile applications iPhone and Android :

  • U Got A Wish : under this name hides a site licked, with a nice design and that allows you to sell without any commission. Zero ! Only the PayPal fees. Rather intended for everyday clothes (for women and children), here you will not find luxury. No mobile app for this site.
  • United Wardrobe : still an English name, but it is a Dutch site, currently present in 4 countries in Europe (the netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany). Modern, easy-to-use. 2 sections men and women divided into categories and sub-categories. As an option, a system ofauction (sale to the best offer) is also available. The shipping costs are to be included in the sales price ; a buyer located in a foreign country pays the additional shipping costs related to the international. 10% Commission on the selling price. If you wish to learn more about United Wardrobe, I advise you to watch the video that you will find at the end of this article : there you will find a more detailed presentation of this site and its application.
  • Vestiaire Collective : clearly intended for the sale of branded clothing and/or luxury. For both men, women and children (not always the case in other sites). The photos look professional. The website provides topics to help you enhance your clothes and set the price just right. Commissions are very high, decreasing as a function of the selling price (from 33 to 18 %, applicable to each tranche). Going to do a tour on Instant Luxury, which offers the resale of all types of luxury items (watches, jewels …)
  • Videdressing : allows in particular to sell his luxury clothes. If you don’t have the time, a service concierge can take care of your sales from A to Z (to identify the clothes to sell, take a picture, add the item for sale and manage the after-sales service). The site charges a commission of 15 % on the sale price, with a minimum of 3 €.
  • Vinted : a kind of Facebook of the fashion. You post pictures of clothes you want you separate, and you commented on the photos of other members. Real swap space on the mode. Detailed Menu for women’s fashion, with also a section for men and a children’s section. A ranking by brand makes it easy to find the clothes that you are interested in. The commissions amounted to 5 % of the sale price + 0,70 € of fixed costs.
  • Like a truck : dedicated exclusively to menswear, often quite discrete on the sites presented above. Completely free, easy-to-use, organized by detailed categories, and by brands, it does not, however, the same services : it is a site of classifieds does not offer intermediation beyond the exchange of messages. The transaction is done directly between the buyer and the seller. So be careful to follow the rules of prudence ! Finally, this site does not have a mobile application for your Smartphone.

Thanks to this article from Marie-Claire for the help 😉

Vendre ses vêtements sur son smartphone

You are available at any time to sell your clothes on your smartphone !

My tips for selling your clothes

If you want to sell your clothes online, follow the advice here (thanks to The Express) :

  1. Choose the right time:
    • Published in the evening and on the weekend, because it is at this time that the greatest number of people are going to take the time to do a search on their preferred site.
    • Does not publish especially not the end of the month ! Because people often limit their expenditures to what is strictly necessary in the meantime the pay of the month.
    • And don’t forget that a dress with flowers will sell better in the summer, and a large woolen sweater in the winter…
  2. Heals your photos, really !
    • Prefer the light of day, or at least a light as natural as possible.
    • If you can pose with the garment such as on this page a member of Vinted for example, it is even better.
    • And if not, take pictures of the garment hung on a hanger rather than laid flat.
  3. Be precise in the description : size, color, material, brand, size, etc
  4. Be honest about the quality of the garment :
    • Specifies if there is a hooked or a button missing.
    • Goes even further and take the default photo.
    • It will avoid you to get feedback and bad references on your profile.
  5. Be reactive. If you are contacted to purchase the garment, answer right away : no you’re probably not the only one to sell a beautiful polo Zara ! And if you don’t answer in the moment, there is a strong chance that the client finds his happiness elsewhere.

The charity, that’s okay too !

ABC Cash is a site which helps you to earn money, but it does not prevent me from thinking of the poor, quite the contrary.

Sell his clothes, and it is great but it is a process that is sometimes a little taking – and we don’t necessarily have the time.

Never forget thatit is always possible to give rather than sell or throw in the trash !

You could therefore just as well give your clothing to the Restos du Coeur, to Emmaus, the Secours Populaire or to the charity of your neighborhood. Beware, however, of the containers to clothing : many of these are scams because the clothes are re-sold instead of being given. Educate yourself well so that your generous gesture is not diverted for other purpose.

Vendre ses vêtements pour faire de la place

Sold everything ? The place is free !

And when it is sold, what do I do ?

You just free up space ! This is cool, right ?

However, you are not obliged to stay there ! Now that you have a little space, why not rent this space for free and receive a small remuneration? I’ll explain everything in this article is on the furniture between individuals.

You could also buy new clothes ! Come on, don’t your shy, I know that this is what you want ! So here’s two little tricks, as long as there is :

And other ideas to earn money !

Sell his clothes, it’s a great idea to earn money, but there are many others… I have many other methods to you suggest to earn money, among which, in no particular order :

  • Read paid emails on Moolineo or LooNea. I tested Moolineo, I won 23 euros extras in a few weeks. It is not reported to the masses, but it is super easy ! Just… just read emails and sign up offers, paid.
  • The paid surveys, with sites such as Toluna and I-say. The same, it will only make you not rich, but you won’t have too much to think about.
  • Bet online on sporting events. Yes, people are living sports betting ! In addition, the bookmakers are very generous. For example te offers a first bet refunded up to € 200 at registration. For this you need to fill in the promo code SPORT200
  • The cashback, or how to retrieve a little money on your online purchases. At IGraal, the leader of the cashback, you can get up to 12 % of your purchases. In the Fnac, Zalando, Nike, La Redoute, Expedia,…. And more, you’re entitled to a welcome gift of 10 euros. To register, it is here.

To be kept informed of the latest tips that I share on this blog, sign up to the newsletter (and the more I send you not one, but TWO GIFTS – an ebook 100 % free, and a course on money by email) :

My opinion

Sell clothes and earn a little money ? Why not ! It does not makes you rich, but it’s rid ! The idea is nice, and plenty of people are already doing it. I really like the friendly side of the brocante or vide grenier, but I also discovered several Internet sites really nice during my research, in particular, U Got A Wish, Vinted and United Wardrobe.

About this site, I recommend you to watch the video that follows. In less than 8 minutes, Célia, Youtubeuse, explains how to sell its clothing on the internet. She seems to have a lot of experience in this field and she looks fully satisfied by the service United Wardrobe, a website and mobile application that it presented in quite a detailed manner in the video.

[embedded content]

You know those sites of the vacuum-dressing ? You have already used to sell your clothes ? Is there something else that you sell regularly through vide grenier or websites that re-sell ?

Do not hesitate to share your opinion in comment ! I pay for a coffee or give a hug to each person who will leave his opinion.

And now, it is up to you to take action and sell your clothes !

A big thank you to Rennes good plans and 01 Saint Hypertrophy for the photos.


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