Venezuela : the incredible assassination attempt on Maduro by drones explosive

The venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro accused his colombian counterpart Juan Manuel Santos to be responsible for an attack against him on Saturday in Caracas, committed according to the venezuelan authorities with drones loaded with explosives.

“Today we tried to assassinate me,” said Maduro during a speech to radio-television. “I have no doubt that the name of Juan Manuel Santos is behind this attack”, he assured.

In Bogota, the colombian government has categorically rejected the accusation, calling it”absurd”. A mysterious rebel group that would be composed of civilian and military personnel has claimed responsibility for the action, in a communiqué broadcast on the social networks.”We can not tolerate that the population is hungry, the sick do not have medicines, that money no longer has value, that the education system doesn’t teach anything and would only indoctrinate them with communism,” provides the text. It is signed by the “national Movement” of soldiers in shirt”, hitherto unknown.

Video : images of the assassination attempt

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The venezuelan minister of Communication, Jorge Rodriguez had explained previously that Mr. Maduro had survived an assassination attempt committed with drones loaded with explosives as he made a speech at a military ceremony in the center of Caracas. Seven soldiers were injured and hospitalized following the attack, said the minister.

Seven injured

“This is an attack against the person of president Nicolas Maduro,” assured the minister after the incident where you saw Mr. Maduro, on live television government, interrupting his speech. In full remarks, after the detonation, Mr. Maduro, his wife Cilia Flores and the high-ranking officers around on a platform, looked up at the sky, looked surprised and worried.

After which the camera showed several hundred soldiers in the process of breaking suddenly the ranks and get to run onto the avenue, where took place the event, in some confusion. State television cut the broadcast.

According to the minister of Communication, “an explosive charge ( … ), has exploded near the dais presidential” and other burdens have exploded in several locations in the military parade. Mr. Maduro “came out completely unscathed and is now in the process of performing his usual job,” said the minister.

The president, he, however, said, “is in a permanent meeting with the top political command, with the ministers and with the military high command”. In his speech later, Mr Maduro has made several arrests. In addition to the colombian president Santos, he accused the people living under him in the United States. “The first investigations indicate that several of the financiers (the attack, editor’s note) live in the United States, in the State of Florida,” said Mr. Maduro.

“I hope that president Donald Trump is willing to fight terrorist groups”, he added. The explosions “caused injury to seven members” of the bolivarian national Guard which were deployed in the place of the military ceremony, and these numbers “is currently receiving care” in hospitals, said Mr. Rodriguez.

The government has accused the “extreme right”, by which he means the venezuelan opposition, to be involved in this “attack”. A few minutes after the incident, the security forces were inspecting a building that stood nearby, and whose façade was blackened, found the AFP. The incident occurred in a social and political situation is particularly tense. In Venezuela, all the lights in the economy are bright red for years. Inflation could reach 1.000.000% by the end of 2018, according to the international monetary Fund (IMF), while the GDP had collapsed by 18%.

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Foods, drugs, or consumer goods current: the scarcity is widespread in this country where public services, from health care to electricity, by way of the water, or transportation, are heavily degraded. The incident comes the day of the first anniversary of the highly controversial constituent Assembly in venezuela, which has enabled the government to consolidate its power and neutralize the opposition.

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Taking advantage of the divisions of the camp of anti-Maduro, in this instance, composed exclusively of supporters of the head of State and has increased powers, has assigned most of the competencies of the Parliament, the only institution of the country controlled by the opposition.

The constituent Assembly has advanced the date of the presidential election, which saw the may 20 re-election of Maduro until 2025, in the absence of the opposition. A victory that is not recognized by a large part of the international community.

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