Veronica Mars may soon resume service

Beginning 2017, the creator of “Veronica Mars,” Rob Thomas gave hope to fans of the series by stating that the busy schedule of its leading lady Kristen Bell was the only obstacle to the return of the series. It would seem that the U.s., currently the heroine of the series “The Good Place”, has managed to release a niche as a fourth season of “Veronica Mars,” will soon see the light of day on the platform of Hulu, writes “Entertainment Weekly”. The website Deadline reports that this new season would consist of 8 episodes, compared to 22 for the first two and 20 for the season 3.

In season 1, Veronica Mars, a high school student sarcastic who served as assistant to his father, a private detective, investigating the murder of her best friend Lily. Kristen Bell should take over the role of this anti-heroine, while discussions are ongoing for that other former actors from the series make their return in future episodes, according to Deadline.

The cancellation of “Veronica Mars” in 2007, in the absence of hearing, had caused reactions. The engagement of viewers with the most loyal had not saved the series from extinction. In 2013, Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell had launched a donation campaign to finance a film. The goal of 2 million was reached in less than twelve hours thanks to nostalgic fans. The film was released in march 2014, giving a glimpse of the future of the young detective, seven years after his last investigation television.

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