Viaduct collapsed in Genoa : four French among the dead

Three French are among the dozens of people killed in the collapse of a highway bridge on Tuesday in Genoa (northern Italy), on Wednesday announced the quai d’orsay in a press release.

“The ministry of European and foreign Affairs confirms with great sorrow the presence of three French nationals among the victims of the disaster of Genoa. We extend to their families our most sincere condolences”,-he wrote.

See :thecollapsed Bridge at Genoa, the images of the disaster

“We remain in contact with the Italian authorities in order to determine the potential presence of French among the victims”, adds the press release.

The latest toll from the disaster rises to at least 39 dead, 15 wounded, and some missing, according to the Italian authorities.

The collapse was the largest mass murder in Europe since 2001

The crisis Center and support of the Quai d’orsay, the embassy of French in Rome and the consulate general in Milan, “continue to follow in real time the evolution of the situation”.

In case of need, the crisis Centre of the Quai d’orsay can be reached at 01 53 59 11 00, said the release.

After this collapse, the most deadly of this type occurred in Europe since 2001, the rescuers have struggled all the night from Tuesday to Wednesday to try to find survivors under the debris of the motorway viaduct.

Collapse the sudden and still unexplained to this book in a massive concrete of the 1960s precipitated approximately 35 cars and a few trucks in the vacuum, from a height of 45 metres.

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