Victoria has not suffered from the crisis of the quarantine

On 14 July, the crown princess Victoria of Sweden, celebrated its 41 years. As every year at this time, the eldest daughter of king Carl XVI Gustaf and queen Silvia were at the castle of Solliden, the summer resort of the Swedish royal family located on the island of Öland in the Baltic sea. And like every year, she wanted to share her birthday with the public came in large numbers to congratulate.

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Relating this moment of conviviality, “Expressen” has told that the young woman was reminded of this the surprise that, every year, many people move to it. “It makes me very hot heart,” she assured the thousands of people present for the occasion. But the tabloid of sweden has also told that the princess Victoria, who had celebrated her 40 years a year earlier, had revealed not to have suffered from the crisis of the quarantine.

Victoria has everything to be the happiest of women

It must be said that the big sister of prince Carl Philip and princess Madeleine has everything to be the happiest of women. Un husband, prince Daniel, his former teacher of fitness, she loves and she has managed to marry eight years ago, and against all odds. An adorable little girl of 6 years old, princess Estelle. A second child came to expand their small family in 2016, the prince Oscar, now 2 years old. And a future career as a queen in which it invests body and soul, supporting his father, king Carl XVI Gustaf and involving himself more especially to causes close to her heart, as the safeguard of the seas and oceans. It would have been a pity, as the future sovereign of Sweden striker all these pleasures by the mere fact of seeing the years go by.

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