Video – Antoine Griezmann says that he has done prior to the final France-Croatia (and it is hilarious)

Antoine Griezmann is euphoric. He has enough : by the time he responds to journalists ‘ questions, he comes to win, with the team of France and Didier Deschamps, the title of world champion. In a video broadcast by BeIn Sports, we discover that the footballer – or, rather, comedian – telling what he has done the hours before the match that fateful France-Croatia (4-2) this Sunday, July 15. Adil Rami, his roommate, listening, laughing, and adding a few details as to his story.

“I woke up”, starting Antoine Griezmann. “There is someone who has toqué at my door. I said to myself : ‘But who is the idiot or the fool who dares to wake me up.’ I said : ‘No, but Griezzy, you have to go to the breakfast, the coach requires.’ But coach, from the beginning, I don’t take the breakfast on a match day and there it is necessary that I take a breakfast ? Good going, you made act of presence. I’m going down to my room. There, I saw a series, The Last Kingdom (…). 13h 30. Meal. Pasta pan-fried. With gluten. After I take a kind of salami, a kind of chicken… it’s all mixed up with a bit of pesto (…). I go up to my room. I still look at The Last Kingdom. Then I said to myself, ‘Shit, the series is complete. That is what I am doing ?’ Bah, you play FM, Football Manager [a video game, ed.]

Still euphoric, Antoine Griezmann continues, recounting how he has spent the last few minutes of waiting : “I called the front desk, I ask them ‘Is it that you can ride a liter of hot water ?’ A litre of hot water for what ? For the mate. So you drink the mate. It rest 20 minutes so we began to make the suitcase. Hop. We go down to the video. And the coach gives the starting eleven. And then he said [Antoine Griezmann mimics Didier Deschamps] : ‘guys, you loose nothing, you cannot give them anything, not even crumbs.’ Finally, the champion of the world concludes, not a little proud of : “And that is, it is the world champions.”

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