Viewers shocked after a family were able to save the yearly minimum wage of £12k just on food on Eat Well For Less

A FAMILY who managed to save £12,000 on their food bill on Eat Well For Less shocked viewers who couldn’t believe they were wasting a person’s annual wage each year.

Douglas and Angela Gambling, who have two daughters Eden,five, and Erica, three, were splashing out £430 a week on takeaways, delivery boxes and eating out.

The Gambling family blew £430 a week on food

Appearing on the BBC One show, the Gambling family, from Ealing, London, were the biggest ever spenders on the programme.

Presented by Greg Wallace and Chris Bavin, the self-confessed foodies visited food fairs, ate out, and shopped at high-end supermarkets.

Douglas, 43, said: “Angela will want ramen food and I’ll want Japanese, so we’ll order in from two different restaurants.

“And there have been times we’ve had friends over and we’ve ordered from four or five different restaurants.”

Angela and Douglas were shocked to discover they were the biggest spenders on the show

Douglas, who works from home as a company director, confessed: “I don’t even know how much I spend on coffee, I don’t want to know.”

And Angela, 42, revealed their family tradition was a family meal out every Sunday after church.

But viewers questioned why the programme was helping out a family with a lot of disposable income, rather than helping a family in need.

Angela was reduced to tears after learning they blew £22k a year on food

Despite Greg saying Angela’s love of local was “great”, the family were shocked to discover they spent £430 a week, when taking into account all their takeaways and dinners out.

When presented with the shocking statistics, the family said it “wasn’t good”.

Revealing their weekly spend equated to £22,000 a year, Greg said they had a problem, as he revealed: “You are our biggest ever spenders.”

People hit out at the BBC for focusing on a couple with so much disposable income

The family, who own two fridges, were shocked to discover that by making swaps and not overspending they would save £230 a week.

And that adds up to £12,000 a year – a person’s yearly minimum wage.

Taking to Twitter, one person said: “These people can save someone’s annual salary. What?!”

Someone else said: “Try showing a family that are actually struggling, not wealthy families that can blow hundreds a week on food.”

Where the Gambling spend their money each week

  • Green grocers
  • Fishmonger
  • Butcher
  • Online food orders
  • Supermarkets
  • Delivery boxes
  • Takeaways
  • Dinners out

A third wrote: “If you can afford to spend £12K a year on food, you are being paid too much.”

Someone else commented: “Watching @EatWellForLess – this family have just saved £12k a year on food.”

And this person said “12 grand a year savings #EatWellForLess that is the min wage salary for the year wow.”

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