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It is a fact, and we should not be afraid to spend for a strong chauvin, in the face of the hegemony, the swiss, the French watchmaking, in which the cradle is located at the border of switzerland next to the Jura the French, managed to keep a place respectable. It offers to lovers of watches “Made in France” quality, cared for, and at all budgets.

So we are talking of different brands and varied, including a dozen out of the batch.

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There are those that have been created before the 70s, and the invasion of the quartz asian and who have resisted.

We talk about in the first place of the dean, LIP, created by Ernest Lipmann in 1867 in Besançon and cited spontaneously among the favourite brands of French. Michel Herbelin founded in 1947, but also of Pequignet, which imposes itself today as a véritabe manufactory with the development and the realization fully in-house caliber Royal.

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There is also Pierre Lannier, which took advantage of the phenomenon of quartz from 1977 with a concept of the watches are both trendy and affordable while exercising quartz movements.

More recently, in 2005, BRM appeared on the market the “Made in France” with a collection of haute horlogerie, a spirit very mechanical with drawings, borrowing the aesthetic codes of the motor and gauges manufactures.

And finally, there is the court of young brands, very current and very French, which challenge the establishment of watchmaking with an exemplary dynamism.

Pieces chosen with March LAB that one note for several months on the wrist of the president Macron. Charlie Watch and her sexiness not expensive, Baltic, whose models manual winding or chronographs are very inspired by timepieces of the years 40 or Fob Paris at the bias design modern minimalist.

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