Here is the first T-shirt collab’ Reebok x Victoria Beckham

CRUSH SHOPPING – The sportswear and fashion. A meeting of two worlds that has given birth to a new collaboration between Reebok and Victoria Beckham.

It is summer, the time when we love madly the white T-shirt. Victoria Beckham knows it, she is a great follower of the garment at this time of the year (as in winter). It would therefore have been surprising that it does not start a T-shirt in the framework of its collaboration with Reebok in which the first parts will be put on sale on July 26.

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The one she offers is flocked logo of the sports equipment, the famous silhouette of Shaquille O’neal, basketball legend american. With its wide cut, the designer gives a approach to unisex and invests a little more in the field of streetwear. A style that she embraces on a regular basis by key focusing on his fashion choices on the combo pants baggy/sneakers. To illustrate a high point of style, you can also wear it with a silk skirt high waist or to let the opportunity to tie it to the waist at the level of the navel.

>>> T-shirt Reebok x Victoria Beckham, 120 euros


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