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Sell her car between individuals allows you to get a better price than from a pro of the self. But the process is cumbersome, and the risk of getting ripped off real good. You can entrust all or part of the operation of the sites of trusted specialist.

A secure transaction necessary to sell his used car

Because today, even a bank check is falsified, pass by a trusted third party can avoid setbacks. New players to online offer in effect to secure the payment of the used vehicles. Sellers like buyers can find their account.

To ensure the payment between individuals, operators such as and begin by verifying the identity of the seller and the buyer. They can then create accounts on the site to complete the transaction. When the buyer has found the vehicle he was looking for, it turns the amount to be paid to the vendor on the behalf of the service provider trusted third party, secure account by a bank (BNP Paribas, Crédit Mutuel, Caisse d’épargne). The seller is thus assured of the solvency of its counterpart. At the time of the delivery of the keys, the buyer instantly transfers the money to the account of the seller. The cost of the service (29 €) is charged to the seller, and charged only when the transaction is carried out. It is free for the buyer.

Online sites sell your car at the best price

This is the major argument of the sites, and : they promise to individuals to sell their cars on average 20% more expensive as a dealership providing a comprehensive service. An expert comes to pass the car to the sieve – state mechanical, aesthetic, and review of the administrative situation. It takes as many photographs as needed to the exterior and to the interior of the vehicle, and performs a road test. Once the inspection report is completed, the car has a warranty of 3 to 6 months, an argument reassuring for potential buyers. The sale price is fixed by mutual agreement : it is up to the seller to decide whether or not to follow the recommendation of the site. The operator also manages the administrative formalities (certificate of assignment, etc). This service obviously has a cost : expect 5% to 6% of the amount of the transaction, taken only when the sale is effective.

Sale of car : attention to bids fabulous

A number of platforms such as,, or offer, they, the direct purchase of your self, that they will then resell. The prices displayed by these specialized sites are always tempting.

The operation is very simple, and only takes a few clicks to complete the recovery : assessment and tele-inspection immediate payment within 24 hours. Tempting, but beware of disillusionment finish : the advertised price is only an estimate, and is intended only to inform you about a “purchase price” possible, which does not engage the professional. In practice, these sites put the cars at auction from networks of garages in europe. Except, the real price paid will always be significantly lower than the baseline estimate, and all the more low that it will be reduced by the commission of the site and costs of transportation of the vehicle. A good solution to get rid quickly and without the risk of a car in case of an emergency, but not to achieve a good deal.

Set the right price to sell your car

There are almost as many dimensions of opportunity as newspapers or specialized websites. And, with variations sometimes impressive. publishes a rating that refers to professionals. The courses displayed are rather low, for estimate of the price of occasions and non of the resale price. Conversely, calculates a rating that is more generous to the individual sellers. The true market price is between the two. A search for “France” on will eventually help you to adjust your price.

Did you know ?

The opinion of the experts

Bernard Tourrette, secretary-general of the ASI (association of independent experts)

A report prepared by an expert approved by the State allows you to certify your self. The members of the syndicate of independent experts ( charge for this service of 150 to 350 € depending on the level of investigation required (historical, mechanical, administrative). A sum quickly damped because it allows you to increase significantly your selling price, while providing a security to the buyer“.

Karolina Czacharowska, legal director

The seller of a vehicle is responsible for any defects that may be qualified as a latent defect, and for 2 years from its discovery. It is a defect that was not visible at the time of the sale, which compromises the use of the vehicle and which is not the result of normal wear and tear. Attention, the reference to “sale” on the ad does not exclude your liability on the warranty against hidden defects between individuals !

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