Theft of a computer and investigators on the case Lactalis, parents complain

The parents of a child who consumed milk infant Lactalis contaminated with salmonella have filed a complaint Wednesday in Paris for “concealment of evidence” after a theft of computer containing elements of the judicial investigation, a-t-on learned from their lawyer.

On 10 may, three computers and a tablet were stolen during a burglary in an annex to the paris of the DGCCRF (répression des fraudes), one of the services in charge of the investigation into the scandal around the powerful dairy group, a-t-on learned from a source close to the file, confirming information of the Canard Enchaîné.

One of the computers contained “sensitive elements” the outcome of this preliminary investigation, opened in December by the prosecutor of Paris for “manslaughter” and “endangering the lives of others, according to this source.

“The hypothesis of a targeted flight is not established at this stage of the investigations assigned to the office of the Thirteenth district, “especially because other effects have been stolen from different floors and offices.”

“The place of the theft, the contents of stolen computers and the modus operandi suggest that this theft was committed by secret agents” to conceal evidence, has estimated for its part the lawyer of the couple, contacted by the AFP.

The investigation is still ongoing

For Me Yassine Bouzrou, the parquet de Paris “favors naively the thesis of chance” by not linking the two investigations.

“The position of the wooden floor strengthens the hypothesis that the Lactalis group is protected, all the more that the factory complained of was able to reopen in June at Craon (Mayenne), he denounced.

The preliminary investigation, which lasts for nine months, was still in progress at the end of August, according to a justice source.

In mid-January, 37 infants with salmonellosis after having consumed a product of infant feeding Lactalis had been identified in France, as well as two in Spain, and another likely in Greece.

The giant dairy has been criticised for having been slow to respond after two internal controls in August and November 2017.

In January, this same couple, represented by Me Bouzrou, had filed a complaint with constitution of civil part against the dairy group, and the services of the State, accusing them of an “administration of harmful substances resulting in a permanent disability”.

This qualification criminal, more serious than the offences covered by the survey of the wooden floors, made it possible to this procedure, which overrides the action of the prosecutor and allows to obtain the appointment of a judge of instruction. It has not led to this day, for procedural reasons, according to several sources.

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