‘Wake-up call’ for Government as report finds poor students ‘two years behind wealthy classmates’

THE gap in GCSE grades between rich and poor pupils is getting bigger again after a decade of progress.

Former schools minister David Laws said the findings by his Education Policy Institute must be a “wake-up call” to the PM.

Former schools minister David Laws has called the findings’ major setback for social mobility in our country’
Times Newspapers Ltd
A report has found poor students are two years behind wealthy classmates

The report found that by the time they took their GCSEs in 2018, poorer pupils were an average of 18.1 months behind wealthier classmates in attainment in English and maths.

Mr Laws, right, said: “Educational inequality on this scale is bad for both social mobility and economic productivity.

“We need a renewed policy drive to narrow the disadvantage gap.”


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