Want to know how to behave like Meghan Markle? From slurping soup to sipping tea, an etiquette expert reveals how to act like a Duchess

REGARDLESS of what most people think, learning to act like a Duchess is so much more than simply walking around with a book on your head.

And while we sadly cannot all marry into the Royal Family, etiquette expert Treska Roden has revealed her top royal training tips so we can all achieve some of Meghan Markle’s everyday elegance and poise.

Meghan Markle’s perfect Duchess posture means she walks with shoulders back and her chin up

Princess Posture

Appearing on Australia’s Today Show, the leader of “The Duchess Effect” workshop gave viewers insight into the everyday manners of royal women.

From the firmness of their handshakes to how they butter your scone, Treska has basically provided us with a crash course in how to emulate Meghan Markle.

First things first, your posture probably needs perfecting. According to Treska, royal women always walk with their chin up, shoulders back, and with their core tensed.

Not only does this elegant body language scream sophistication, it also suggests a warm openness when greeting crowds and state officials.

A light handshake

Meghan’s Duchess greeting is the definition of firm and friendly

While everyone and their mother already has an opinion on the “ideal” handshake, royal women only “do two to three pumps from the elbow” while keeping “hands perpendicular to the ground.”

This light but firm exchange effectively commands respect while also remaining open and personable.

A winning Duchess combo, if you ask us.

Perfect your Duchess slant

Meghan Markle has mastered the art of the Duchess slant
Getty – Contributor

By now, we’ve all heard of the Duchess slant.

A more elegant alternative to crossing your legs, Treska favours this seating position where “you keep your knees together, you keep your ankles together, and you can have your [hands] on your lap”.

Creating a sophisticated silhouette (and lengthening your legs!), this “slant” strikes the perfect of formal yet approachable.

The perfect cup of tea…

Believe it or not, Duchesses keep their little fingers in when sipping from a tea cup
Getty – Pool

We all know that there’s a specific way of holding a tea cup when you’re a royal.

But according to Treska, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton both forgo looping their “finger through the handle”.

Instead, royal etiquette states “you keep your pinky in and pinch the handle” of the tea cup.

And just like soup, only the most delicate of sips will do.

Dining rules

Never one for slurping, Prince Charles demonstrates how royals tip soup into their mouths
Getty – Pool

Until now, we always thought there was no elegant way of eating soup. Fact.

But Treska is here to salvage the meal with some Duchess-inspired etiquette.

Treska recommends scooping the liquid “outwards” and “away from your body” before you “tip the soup into your mouth.”

The etiquette pro also says you should sneakily run the spoon along the inside of the bowl to prevent any spillage.

Unsurprisingly, Duchesses have to keep up with royal dining etiquette
Getty – Contributor

When it comes to cutlery, your knife should be placed to right of your plate with fork on the left.

And instead of placing your utensils directly on the table when taking a breather from your food, Treska says they should be placed “in the resting position” in the centre of the plate.

Just don’t forget to “dab the sides of your mouth” between courses…

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