Warzone nuke event – Call of Duty season 3 update expected to bring new maps, weapons and modes

CALL of Duty is about to embark on a brand new season – and it could be just days away.

Here’s everything we know so far about Call of Duty Cold Warzone Season 3, including rumoured Warzone changes.

These seasons are major events, introducing new storylines, as well as maps, weapons, modes and more.

The latest is 2021 Season 2, and arrived on Thursday, February 25.

According to Call Of Duty’s Twitter account, Warzone’s Nuke event is set to take place across a wide range of times between April 21 and 22.

Activision typically gives notice for these big updates, so we could find out about the new season this week.

Of course, Activision won’t reveal any details ahead of its official announcement – so we’ll have to rely on rumours, leaks and educated guesswork for now.

Read our Warzone event blog below for the latest updates and rumours


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