Watch Cristiano Ronaldo’s cringeworthy dodgy dancing for shopping app advert which has sent social media into meltdown

CRISTIANO RONALDO is a man of many talents but acting is certainly not one of them.

The Juventus superstar must have been paid a fortune to star in one of the worst – or best – adverts of all-time.

Cristiano Ronaldo has been involved in one of the weirdest adverts ever
Shopee SG
The Portuguese superstar must have been paid a fortune
Shopee SG

It’s so cringeworthy that it has sent social media into a frenzy and now millions know about the Singaporean supermarket ‘Shopee’.

There is nothing unusual about the beginning as Ronaldo puts a free-kick into the top corner.

He then pulls off his trademark celebration but stands looking confused when the stadium goes silent before the sounds of a checkout echo around the stadium.

It then descends into something farcical.

He gets booked before clicking on the Shopee app which instantly changes his shirt.

If you thought that was weird, the tune “Baby shark” comes on in the background and Ronaldo pulls off a series of bizarre moves in tune with the beat.

Him and four others are also mimicking pushing the app on their phones before ending in a pose.

Unsurprisingly, social media were quick to have their say.

One said: “Shopee got Cristiano Ronaldo to not only be in their ad, but they also got him to dance to Shopee’s version of baby shark.

“No other competing brand will ever top this.”

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Another added: “Cristiano Ronaldo doing “shopee dance” is the cringiest thing ever.”

And a third added: “Cristiano Ronaldo is Shopee’s new ambassador? Okay can.

“But, please…don’t get him to do the Shopee edition of Baby Shark. Please…don’t.”

It ends with them dancing to their very own version of baby shark
Shopee SG
This is was the final pose as they introduced the Shopee app
Shopee SG


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