Watch horror crash in British MotoGP as Dovizioso’s bike goes up in flames after colliding with Quartararo at first turn

THERE was a horror crash at the first turn of the British MotoGP that saw one of the bikes bursting into flames.

Andrea Dovizioso and Fabio Quartararo collided only seconds after the green light at Silverstone, with the former’s bike ended up ablaze at the side of the track.

Andrea Dovizioso was helpless as he was launched into the air
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The Italian’s bike was left on fire at the side of the track in shocking scenes
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Italian speedster Dovizioso, 33, was seen shockingly launched into the air after his bike crashed into Quartararo’s.

Dovizioso was sent rolling around 11 times before coming to a stop.

Incredibly his on helmet camera caught the terrifying incident as it happened.

The injuries, if any suffered by either rider are not currently known.

Alex Rins ran out race winner despite a brilliant qualifying session from world champion Marc Marquez who set a Silverstone lap record.

This was the moment the two speedsters collided on the first turn at the British MotoGP
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Andrea Dovizioso was sent flying, and ended up rolling 11 times
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Meanwhile the bike burst into flames after coming to a standstill
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Andrea Dovizioso lied still for a while after crashing off at Silverstone
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