Watch: Ugly Statue Prank Leaves David Beckham Furious

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Despite all of the impressive stars who have hitched a ride with James Corden on Carpool Karaoke, it’s hard to deny Barbra Streisand is a “big get” for the host.And in their new episode, Corden was literally on the edge of his seat with Streisand behind the wheel.So what if Streisand failed her driving test three times? The pair belted out some of her famous songs and shared a lot of laughs along

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Kerry Costello / Ami Parbs

In an age where everyone is quick to point out cases of animal cruelty, it’s a wonder that a recent incident caught on camera in Texas happened in the first place.Drivers on a highway outside the town of Corrigan were stunned to see a pickup truck cruising at 70 miles per hour with a live horse in the vehicle’s bed.The animal had its saddle on and was only secured to the

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In the self-care era, plenty of people have their chosen indulgences and ways of treating themselves. Enjoying a nice treat every now and then is great, but is it possible that your favorite way of spoiling yourself is actually hurting the environment? Here are a couple of common purchases people make, and the hidden impact they have (or don’t have) on the environment.Satisfying SweetsWho doesn’t love chocolate? Chocolate desserts of all kinds are a

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Roadways are essential for people to get to work, home, school, the store, and everything in between. Unfortunately, at any moment, the road is one of the most dangerous places to be in all of North America. With the total economic toll of auto accidents on the U.S. economy being approximately $250 billion, it’s clear that the roadway has the potential to severely impact property and life. There are so many factors that make

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Dairy Queen

It’s not exactly sweltering outside, but if you can enjoy a sweet, icy treat any time of year, then Dairy Queen has a deal for you.The chain is enticing customers with a BOGO deal that offers a second frozen Blizzard for just $1, and the promotion is already underway.On March 8, Dairy Queen started slashing the price of your second Blizzard to just 99 cents. The deal lasts until Sunday, March 17,

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Adam Guzman / Roxana Martinez

As firefighters yelled for him to turn back, Jose Guzman from Pala, California rushed into his burning home to save a trapped dog.And now that his act of heroism has gone viral, Guzman says he would risk death again for his beloved pit bull, Gabanna.Guzman, his fiance, and their three daughters under the age of 6 were at a family barbecue when they heard a house in their neighborhood had caught fire.A

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