Watch world’s luckiest penalty that hits cross bar and bamboozles keeper before going in

THIS penalty will go down in the history books as one of the luckiest strikes ever.

Supporters and players at the match between Raynes Park Vale and Horley Town on Tuesday evening could not believe their eyes.

The powerful penalty strike smashed against the woodwork

Raynes Park Vale had the chance to open the scoring when they were awarded a penalty in the first half.

It is understood that Seanan Mckillop stepped up to the spot, but nobody could have predicted what was coming next.

After a short run-up, the player’s powerful strike rebounded off the crossbar and flew high into the sky.

The disorientated goalkeeper got back up onto his feet and started to look for the ball in every direction as players from both teams charged into the box.

The strike rebounded off the woodwork and flew high into the sky

But before he knew it, the ball had emerged from the darkness and it bounced directly in front of him.

The goalkeeper could not react in time and somehow the ball flew into the back of the net.

It was all caught on camera and the supporter can be heard saying: “How on earth have you done that, you jammy git.”

The bizarre clip is now doing the rounds on social media and it is enough to give every goalkeeper nightmares.

The ball appeared from the dark sky and bounced in front of the goalkeeper

One fan replied: “Wow – never seen that before – penalty taken by @RPVFC smashes against the bar, goes miles up into the air, comes down and bounces into the air.”

While another added: “This is one of the most jammy goals I’ve ever seen.”

The ball bounced past the goalkeeper and into the back of the net



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