We are not, our police car just needs a new decal, local police say

The Princeton police get work on their patrol car, and while the work is ongoing, an unfinished decal spells on the page “ICE” as at the end of the word POLICE.

And some people in town have a little nervous, which makes the department clarify some things for the public.

It’s not the ICE, the acronym for federal immigration and customs administration, said the department in a Facebook post Wednesday.

“There have obviously been some people who have misstated our newly-repaired patrol vehicles as an immigration customs administration vehicle,” said the department in the mail.

To clean up things, Princeton Police released pictures of their finished vehicles, as well as real ICE truck cars.

“The truck repaired in the picture will get the rest of its decal this Friday,” the post said.

Princeton is often referred to as a “sanctuary” community in the ongoing immigration debate.

Officially, although Princeton is a member of the “Welcome America” ​​movement.

ICE, the federal law enforcement agency, has made several immigration events in the city in recent years, as they often do in other New Jersey communities with known immigration communities.

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