We are sceptical about this ‘pathway’ Boris Johnson and Ireland’s Leo Varadkar have laid

Need a miracle

IF Boris Johnson pulls off a Brexit deal that can work for both sides, win a Commons majority and satisfy Brexiteers and the DUP he can probably turn water into wine too.

So we are sceptical about this “pathway” he and Ireland’s Leo Varadkar laid yesterday. Especially since Brussels’ absurd ultimatum that the UK and/or Northern Ireland must remain in its customs union for ever is a non-starter.

Boris Johnson shares a light moment with Leo Varadkar as the pair meet in Thornton Manor Hotel, Cheshire
PA:Press Association

But The Sun still hopes a deal can be struck. Because the uncertainty is damaging the economy, crippling firms and causing stress to families everywhere.

And the newly ferocious recriminations, like the EU’s Guy Verhofstadt idiotically branding Brexiteers “traitors”, threaten to wreck relations between us for years. A deal or, failing that, a clean break, are the only ways to resolve both.

Yet the new Remainer clamour for a second referendum, championed by Labour and the Lib Dems, is as deafening as it is reckless and myopic.

Can they not see how it would tear Britain apart? Do they really want months, even years, more division and political paralysis — with Parliament’s reputation destroyed for good?

Are they really so clueless as to believe the Remain victory they crave would solve anything?

Are they that deaf to a public desperate to get Brexit done?

Crash justice

AMERICA is guilty both of hypocrisy and an abdication of responsibility over death-crash driver Anne Sacoolas.

Anne Sacoolas, 42, claimed diplomatic immunity before she could be quizzed over causing death by dangerous driving
Anne Sacoolas, 42, claimed diplomatic immunity before she could be quizzed over causing death by dangerous driving

Its government got diplomatic immunity lifted when a foreign envoy killed a teenage US resident in Washington. Now they let Sacoolas hide behind it over Harry Dunn’s death in the UK.

Neither Boris Johnson nor Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, for all their efforts, can compel the White House to approve her extradition. Donald Trump must do so. His own voters would back

him too. Some 63 per cent of Americans say they want her sent back here.

Sacoolas could, of course, make the President’s decision for him. She has a choice: to live out her days as the woman who fled the country and hid after a road crash that killed a teenager.

Or who had the decency and courage to return and give Harry’s parents justice, along with some measure of closure.

Bravo, Ben!

WHAT an inspiring lad Ben West is.

Boris Johnson welcomed Ben on the doorstep of 10 Downing Street

Despite his grief over brother Sam’s suicide, the 19-year-old launched a campaign to make mental health awareness mandatory in teacher training.

It won him an award at our Who Cares Wins ceremony on Tuesday. And Boris Johnson invited him to Downing Street to present his petition. Let’s hope that vision becomes Tory education policy.

The Sun’s proud of you, Ben.

Sam would be too.


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