We congratulate Greg Clark on the energy price cap that will save Brits millions

Energy at last

TOO many politicians promise the Earth and deliver nothing — so we congratulate Greg Clark on the energy price cap that will save money for millions. It’s a big win for The Sun’s campaign too.

Greg Clark has kept his promise
Greg Clark has kept his promise
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We don’t like urging Government interference in what should be free markets. But where they are rigged and broken, where greedy monopolies ­routinely rip off the public for essential services, we will make exceptions.

And if the Business Secretary follows through his threat to go after other profiteers whose business model relies on exploitation, we’ll back him.

What choice was there with the Big Six? They were repeatedly warned to stop their unjustified price hikes — and laughed in the Government’s face.

Yes, customers should switch supplier. But it’s not easy and many don’t, or can’t. They should not be treated as cashpoint machines by unscrupulous corporations.


The price cap will come into place later this year[/caption]

The failing water and rail firms should be next. But the nationalisations Labour lazily clamour for are a recipe for shoddy service, strikes and crippling losses to taxpayers, as in the past. The answer is MORE privatisation, more competition.

Because these aren’t truly free ­markets. Until they are, firms enjoying effective monopolies should expect far greater Government scrutiny and action than those who genuinely compete.

“We’re in a different age now,” Mr Clark says. Good.

Liars of Labour

CORBYN’S Labour hope to sneak into power on a pack of lies.

It’s not just that their economics are a fantasy that would plunge us into ­poverty. Look at their other positions:

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Jeremy Corbyn said his party has ‘no position’ on a second referendum which is a break from past statements[/caption]

Corbyn and his No2 John McDonnell both now admit they would never use our nukes, even under attack. A Corbyn Britain would thus abandon our deterrent, whatever Labour’s manifesto says.

Will they ever be honest enough to tell voters they would unilaterally disarm, just as the world gets more dangerous?

Honesty, though, is not their strong suit.

Yesterday McDonnell repeated the absurd lie that he only wanted “peace” in Northern Ireland. He and Corbyn wanted IRA victory, achieved through ­murder. McDonnell wanted Provos “honoured”. He praised them for bombing their way to the negotiating table.

As for the anti-Semite Corbyn, how chuffed he must be that 40 per cent of Jews could flee Britain if he wins power. How proud that Corbynite racists plaster Jew-hating posters across London.

It’s what happens when you campaign, as Corbyn did, for the right to be more racist towards Jews than the international anti-Semitism definitions allow.

And then there’s Brexit, and the insanely dangerous second referendum he seems increasingly ready to back.

But at least Leavers would then know who betrayed them. And who to blame for the years of unrest inevitable in telling a 17million majority their vote didn’t count.


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