We pray Rishi Sunak’s historic bailout of Brit workers is enough to prevent ­tsunami of job losses

RISHI Sunak’s historic bailout of Britain’s workers is mind-boggling, unprecedented and absolutely vital.

We pray it is enough to prevent a ­tsunami of job losses. It should be. It is hard to know what more the new ­Chancellor could have done.

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Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s bailout for Brit workers could ensure that the UK doesn’t see a tsunami of job losses over the coming months[/caption]

Borrowing vast sums, the Government will fund 80 per cent of workers’ wages up to £2,500 a month, to stop their firms laying them off.

That will last at least three months. And there is “no limit” to the funds being put in.

This emergency package, designed with business chiefs and unions, also includes a VAT holiday till July and major new funding to support the self-employed who cannot get sick pay.

It is a truly staggering announcement, outstripping other countries’ rescue efforts.

And while you might have expected such a reassuring, articulate and momentous speech from a veteran statesman it was almost beyond belief for a young man five weeks into the job.

“You will not face this alone,” was just what terrified workers needed to hear.

Mr Sunak has provided massive help for businesses, mortgage-payers and renters pole-axed by the coronavirus and the Government restrictions now in place.

Now he has bailed out the people — exactly as The Sun wanted.


Firms must today assure their workers their jobs are safe and immediately apply for funds to pay them.

The public must, in turn, step up their efforts to stop the spread of this deadly threat.

Boris Johnson’s shutdown of pubs, clubs, gyms, leisure centres, cinemas and the like is a measure of how seriously we MUST take “social distancing”.

Too many have scoffed at it all, packing out pubs and restaurants, especially in London.

They are idiots. They can catch and spread Covid-19 and kill others.

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Those who are yet to practice social distancing have been urged to be more considerate of others[/caption]

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Boris Johnson and his Government will fund 80 per cent of workers’ wages[/caption]

If schools and pubs closing won’t sober them up, perhaps the steadily rising death toll will — and early reports of hospital units already overwhelmed.

Britain will soon be in a very different place if we follow poor Italy’s plight . . . and even the heroic efforts of NHS staff cannot quell hundreds of losses a night.

Stay at home . . . as the Government rightly demands.

Venture out only for food and solitary exercise.

We know our readers will do their bit.


Finally, The Sun wants to pay tribute to the PM and his Chancellor.

All of us are under stress. But these two are taking monumental decisions day after day, with consequences potentially lasting a generation, all to save lives and jobs and ensure we somehow emerge in one piece from this nightmare.

They have not got everything right.

And they have plenty of critics, especially on social media.

But polls show the country is behind them.

Theirs is a burden none of us can imagine. We are grateful they are shouldering it.


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