Weather forecast UK LIVE – Heat pocket to hit London as temperatures reach 17C but snow in north, Met Office warns

A MINI heatwave will hit London this week as temperatures rocket, forecasters have predicted.

The capital could reach a balmy 17C next weekend with sunny spells making it feel positively spring like.

With temperatures hitting as low as -5C at the end of last week, Londoners are looking at a dramatic rise of 21C in just a matter of days.

But things aren’t looking so hot in the rest of the country after record-breaking low temperatures that saw the mercury plunge to -23C.

Northern Ireland, Scotland and parts of northern England will get more snow this week, sparking Met Office alerts for poor conditions.

Northern Ireland is still grappling with disruption caused by snow, with blizzards expected and wind speeds likely to reach 40mph in coastal areas.

The Met Office forecaster Luke Miall warned that the conditions would “really significantly reduce visibility when driving”.

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