Weather forecast UK – Snow to VANISH and sun to return as warm temperatures arrive in time for pub gardens to reopen

FREEZING weather blighting the UK will give way to warmer temperatures just in time for pub gardens to open, it has been claimed.

After one of the hottest March days on record, Brits were hit by a bitterly cold Easter weekend thanks to a -8C Arctic blast descending on the country.

But things will start looking up by the weekend, with forecasters predicting temperatures will reach 10-11C in London by this Sunday.

That’s great news for Brits planning to descend on pub beer gardens from Monday when the latest round of lockdown easing comes into force.

It comes as BBC Weather meteorologist Carol Kirkwood has said the UK could see some “brighter breaks” today amid the wintry showers.

Ms Kirkwood said: “It is a cold and frosty start but there is a fair bit of sunshine around.

“The showers in the southwest are pushing away as some wintry showers across Scotland are coming down the east coast.

“The cloud will build as we go through the day as well so it will be cloudier than it was yesterday but there may also be some brighter breaks.

“Later on in the day, that weather front coming in from the west will bring some patchy rain to Northern Ireland and we will start to see some milder conditions coming our way.”

The frosty weather will continue on Thursday, Ms Kirkwood added.

She continued: “Wednesday night there will be some clear spells with some early frost in the west before this cloud moves in.

“It will be bringing this rain across parts of Wales, Scotland and northern England.

“Will be preceded by some snow in Scotland at lower levels. There will be some frost by the end of the night, that is more likely to be in the south and the east.”

She added: “”Again, tomorrow a fair bit of cloud around, blustery winds in the north and behind this we can see some snow showers.”

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