Weather forecast UK today – Beast from the East SNOW BOMB hits as Met Office warns of two brutally cold weather fronts

TWO hellish weather fronts are battling it out – both with the aim of chilling Brits to the bone.

A new 2021 version of the infamous 2018 Beast from East bringing an icy blast of freezing air is wrestling with La Nina – which threatens wet and stormy weather.

A Met Office spokesperson said: “You’ve got the two events happening at the same time so they vie against each other in a sense.

“They’re sort of fighting for influence over the UK, we’re a very small dot in the middle of the ocean.

“There’s still a lot to play for, we’re keeping an eye on the situation, the experts are working on how that might influence our weather.”

And yet more flakes are on the way for parts of the UK, according to, with the mercury plunging to freezing in some parts.

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