Weather forecast UK update – Mini heatwave joy this month in boost for pub beer gardens with temperatures hitting 22C

BRITAIN looks set to bask in a mini-heatwave this month, with temperatures climbing to a balmy 22C.

The warmer weather is a huge boost for pub beer gardens and BBQs as coronavirus restrictions ease across England.

Temperature maps by WXCharts show the mercury soaring to the early 20s across the nation from Sunday April 25.

But the best weather will come the following week – with the chart showing highs of 22C in Leeds on April 28.

Meanwhile, London and large swathes of the south of England will see 20C temperatures.

BBC forecasters said the end of April will see a return to the sunshine following a cold snap.

They said: “The tail end of April and first part of May will be at the mercy of high pressure that should often find itself to the north or west, and low pressure to the south near Spain.

“The UK will be caught between these two large-scale pressure systems, so we will likely continue to see changeable weather.”

England recently saw its coldest April day in eight years , with the temperature hitting a freezing -7.5C in Benson, South Oxfordshire.

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