Wendy Williams shocks fans by appearing to burp and fart at the same time on live TV show

WENDY Williams shocked fans during her chat show as she appeared to BURP and FART on live TV. 

The 56-year-old was busy chatting about the latest Kim Kardashian and Kanye West gossip when she accidentally let a belch out followed by a little PARP.

Wendy Williams Show

Wendy put her hand to her mouth as she realised she had burped on air again[/caption]

Wendy Williams Show

As the talk show host processed the burp she then let out a fart[/caption]

Following Wendy’s burp, she quickly covered her mouth before seemingly letting out a sly fart straight after. 

The popular talk show host appeared unfazed by the indiscretion and rolled her eyes as the camera panned to the audience who were in fits of laughter.  

Watching the live broadcast from home, fans were in stitches and flooded to Twitter to share their amusement. 

Wendy Williams Show

Wendy took it all in stride and carried on like the pro she is[/caption]

Wendy Williams Show

The star had been chatting about Kim and Kanye[/caption]

“BREAKING NEWS THAT WILL MOST DEFINITELY CHANGE YOUR LIFE: Wendy Williams burps and farts at the same time in the middle of her show,” joked one viewer. 


“Wendy Williams burbs and farts at the same time on live TV, and it’s actually kind of amazing,” said a third.


Wendy has accidentally burped on TV before[/caption]

It’s hardly the first time Wendy has experienced indigestion during her show.

In 2020 she burped on air no less than three times, blaming it on everything from the “Puerto Rican food” she’d eaten before to “fried eggs, ketchup and hot sauce” she had consumed for breakfast.

On Wendy’s season premiere, she revealed her significant weight loss saying: “I’ve lost 25 lbs… And I didn’t do it on purpose. It’s just that food became disgusting to me.

“You know I was cooking at first, and it was all good. I’m shoveling stuff in my mouth.

The Wendy Williams Show

Wendy blamed the previous burps on the food she had eaten[/caption]


Her fans called it when they said it wouldn’t be the last time[/caption]

“I’m going out to eat… everything from hot dogs to lobster, king crab legs all that stuff. But then it became like I’m done with food.”

She went on: “And then I got my colonoscopy. TMI?… But I got my colonoscopy over quarantine… And she asked me to get on a scale before they put me under because you know they have to know how much you weigh.

“And she told me the weight I was like. I haven’t weighed this little since high school.

“So I feel really good.”


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