Western Australia is rocked by a 4.7 magnitude earthquake – the second to hit the area in a month 

Western Australia has been rocked by a second earthquake within a month.  

Geoscience Australia confirmed a 4.7 magnitude earthquake struck near Lake Muir in the state’s southwest at 12.30am on Saturday morning, which reached a depth of five kilometres.

The area was rattled by more than 12 earthquakes within 24 hours, ranging from 0.3 to 4.7 in magnitude, the ABC reported.

The tremors were felt more than 100 kilometres away in the towns of Albany and Denmark.

‘My three-year-old daughter woke up and said, ‘Mummy, something just wriggled my house again,’ Denmark mother Kelly Gadsby told WA Today.

‘There isn’t any damage to the house, it is just unsettling feeling as the room shakes, the house feels like it’s swaying and you can hear the ground vibrating.’

Albany residents reported feeling their homes sway and windows rattle.

Residents also felt the rumble in Lockyer and Orana.

‘Felt it in Lockyer, it shock my whole house and the fence was making a cracking noise as well. Partner thought it was something was jumping the fence,’ one woman commented on Facebook.

The earthquake was recorded at stations up to 1,684km away, including Perth in the state’s capital.

It’s the second earthquake to hit WA’s southwest region within a month after one measuring 5.6 hit Walpole on September 16.

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