What are pink pugs, are the albino dogs really pink and what do they look like?

GET ready dog lovers because we may have just found the most Instagrammable breed of all time.

Yes pink pugs are having a bit of a moment and here’s everything you need to know…

Kerry Katona’s pink pug cost £15,000
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What are pink pugs?

Although unremarkably stated as “pink pugs”, these rare designer pooches have a cream-coloured coat rather than the standard fawn tone.

This is caused by an absence of pigment in their skin, hair and irises, otherwise called congenital anomaly.

Because they’re very rare, pink Canis familiaris puppies are often sold for thousands of pounds – and Kerry Katona is reportable to possess spent over £15,000 on her designer pup.

According to Pugs Home, unusual person dogs’s “complete lack of melanin” in their irises implies that “direct sunlight” and camera flashes will cause “severe pain and irritation in their eyes.”


No matter how hard you try, putting your pug against a pink background doesn’t make it a designer dog
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Meanwhile, the lack of pigment in their sensitive skin is also makes the designer pups “susceptible to sun burn”.

Owners of the expensive pooches have to take extra care when exposing their pink pugs to sunlight and are ideally supposed to walk them after dark.

Are the albino dogs really pink?

Mister Cornelius is the worlds most famous pink pug with over 30,000 Instagram followers

Although they are commonly known as “pink pugs”, these albino dogs are mostly cream-coloured.

However, the dogs’ light skin makes their pink noses and features much more pronounced.

What do they look like?

Just like fawn-coloured and black pugs, pink pugs have a distinctive curled tail and short-muzzled face.

Pink pugs have an almost blonde fur coat and incredibly pale skin. Not to mention their adorable pink nose and paws.

Mister Cornelius and his BFF Bowie are among the internet’s most famous pugs

Mister Cornelius is the internet’s most famous pink pug – although he suffers from the genetic condition leucism which makes him otherwise almost identical to albino pug, except for his blue eyes.

Along with his “BFF” Bowie the black pug, the Canadian duo have over 32,000 followers on Instagram.


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