What Do You Thing About This Teeny Tiny Micro Bag People Are In Love With

The View – YouTube / Senior Airman Tristan Biese – U.S. Air Force

Since President Trump took office in 2016, there has been no shortage of strange conspiracy theories about him.But the most bizarre one of all involves his wife, First Lady Melania Trump, and it just won’t go away.The strange story of Melania’s “double” resurfaced during a segment on The View Monday. The hosts discussed the conspiracy theory, which made headlines in 2017, that the First Lady uses a “body double” for some

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James Felton – Twitter

He started a joke which started the whole world crying, but comedy writer James Felton is completely serious about his love for “milk coke.”Answering a question from a concerned member of the public, Felton introduced the world to his bizarre beverage in a tweet.Milk coke is a real thing. Brummies love it. We can all move on from this discussion now, I will be taking no further questions. pic.twitter.com/dQR8bg3UAO—

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Arnon Rodthong – Facebook

They say that money can’t buy love, but we have no doubt it can buy a marriage.The only question is whether Thai millionaire Arnon Rodthong’s huge bounty will be enough to net his daughter Karnsita a husband.Rodthong, 56, made his fortune by farming durians – the fruit so smelly they have been banned by certain hotels and taxi companies.Rodthong poses with the cash crop of stinky fruit that built his

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Kim Denicola – Facebook

Kim Denicola is 56, but when she woke up in a hospital bed last October she was convinced she was only 17 years old.The grandmother from Baton Rouge, Louisiana is still coping with memory loss that erased almost four decades of memories, after a headache caused her to black out in her church’s parking lot.In a new interview with Inside Edition, Denicola described waking up in the hospital to questions from her

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Rachelle Dyer – Facebook

A quartet of women from two opposite sides of the country are sharing the incredible story that brought them together as a family.Rachelle Dyer, 53, and Shannon Nicholl, 49, were the first ones to stumble onto the incredible connection, after Rachelle moved from her birthplace of Seattle, Washington to Virginia Beach, Virginia.There, Rachelle and Shannon became friends with the same people, who often commented that the two apparently unrelated women looked just like

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Hermann – Pixabay / Ashley Henyan – Red Cross

Months ago, it was announced that a single winner had hit the $1.5 billion Mega Millions jackpot, becoming America’s biggest-ever lottery winner.Now, the anonymous woman’s lawyer has revealed she will share her fortune with charity.”I do realize that such good fortune carries a tremendous social responsibility, and it gives me a unique opportunity to assist, support and contribute to charities and causes that are close to my heart,” the woman

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