What is Bigfoot and how many sightings have there been of sasquatch? All you need to know

ALLEGED sightings of Bigfoot have baffled and enthralled for decades, with numerous people claiming to have captured photographic evidence of the giant, ape-like creature in the wild.

Here’s what you need to know about the mythical creature, and all the alleged sightings…


There have been many “sightings” of Bigfoot from other years, some of which have been captured on camera[/caption]

What is Bigfoot?

The mystery of Bigfoot has been causing a stir for hundreds of years.

The mythical beast is thought to stand seven to 10 ft tall and weigh more than 35 stone, with footprints 17 inches long.

One of the first discoveries of Bigfoot was back in 1811 when British explorer David Thompson found large footprints that have been attributed to the creature.

What as the FBI said?

New documents from the FBI disclosed scientists from the organisation had carried out scientific tests on “hair or fur” said to be from the mythical apeman.

The FBI made public 22 documents from it records archive on Wednesday, June 5, – including its bulging 22-page Bigfoot file.

Peter Byrne, then the director of the Bigfoot Information Center, wrote a letter in 1976 asking that the FBI “set the record straight, once and for all”.

His call came after it was reported the bureau had analysed hair or fur that was not identifiable as “that of any known creature on this continent“.

However, it later came out the hair was of deer origin.

When has Bigfoot been spotted recently?

In October 2017, a farmer claimed he had seen a whole FAMILY of Bigfeet, carrying a pig while running through his Californian ranch.


A terrified man caught footage of what he believed to be a Yeti-like figure in a Crimean forest[/caption]

Paranormal expert Jeffrey Gonzalez said he spotted five or six of the beasts running past his van’s headlights.

Jeffrey added: “One of them, which was extremely tall, had a pig over its shoulder.”

The investigator claims to have experienced THREE sightings in the same spot, over the past five years.

Meanwhile, back in June, a mysterious video appeared to show a Bigfoot-type creature swinging through trees near a hiking trail in California.

The mysterious moment was captured by Jake Gardiner, who works near the site in La Crescenta in Los Angeles County, who said he felt something was watching him in the woodland area.

At first he couldn’t see anything unusual, when he watched the video he noticed the ape-like beast jumping through the branches.

The ape-like creature was captured in woodland in California
The ape-like creature was captured in woodland in California recently

And in another case, from April, bizarre footage showed a large man-like creature peeking at tourists from behind a tree.

A strange video filmed by two youngsters named Lucas and Jeroen was shot at a Dutch national park, with some speculating that they have glimpsed Bigfoot.

The lads were wandering round Veluwezoom National Park when the noticed the humanoid figure peering at them from behind a tree in the distance.

Did Rob Lowe really see Bigfoot?

Hollywood star Rob Lowe claimed he had a hairy encounter with the mythical creature while filming his new show.

The West Wing star said he “thought I was going to be killed” as the hulking “wood ape” loomed out of the darkness towards him in the Ozark Mountains in Missouri, US.

He has been filming new paranormal show The Lowe Files with sons Matthew and John Owen.

For the final episode they were hot on the trail of the legendary sasquatch, which is said to stalk the forests in many states.

What are the most famous sightings of sasquatch?

Some think Bigfoot, who is also known as sasquatch, is a descendant of an extinct giant ape, but some claim it could even be an extra-terrestrial being.

Over the years there have been numerous sightings of beasts people claim to be Bigfoot.

Here are some of the most famous…

2016: The clip, captured in Michigan, USA, in September, was caught on a live stream set up to film a nest of baby eagles.

But during filming, a large, black, human-esque figure can be seen stomping though the forest – before disappearing back into the undergrowth.

The eagle camera, set up by OutdoorHub, is in northern Michigan – and its latest footage has sparked a fierce debate about whether Bigfoot has really been spotted on film.

Live Eagle Cam

An eerie video appeared to show huge ape-like beast wandering through woodland after being caught on an “eagle cam” in 2016[/caption]

2016: Astonishing footage claimed to have captured the fabled creature last year –after a camera set up to snare drug gangs shot images of a mysterious beast by accident.

The footage unexpectedly films a large ape-like, hairy being that can clearly be seen rummaging in front of the lens – sparking claims this could in fact be Sasquatch.

According to the information given with the YouTube video, a federal task working in remote areas of northern California set up cameras to catch drugs gangs growing Marijuana.

2015: A dog walker told how she came face-to-face with a hairy apeman on the Sussex Downs.

Caroline Toms took a grainy photo of a huge Bigfoot she claims ran past her in the woods.

She was confronted by the terrifying beast — covered head-to-toe in thick black fur and crouching upright like a man — as she walked her border collie Ash.

SWNS:South West News Service

In 2015, a dog walker told of close encounter with hairy apeman who ran past her deep in the woods[/caption]

2011: Ketchikan footage. Footage was filmed in Ketchikan, Alaska when a mysterious being was spotted about 40 yards away from the road.

2011: Footage of a terrified Ukrainian man cowering behind a tree as a figure he believes to be a Yeti walks past him resurfaced online recently after being first posted in 2011.

The petrified hiker trained his camera on the ape-like figure as it bounds through the forest.

2009: Kenny and Margaret Mahoney set up a motion camera in their back garden in Fairdale, Kentucky after their home-grown vegetables began to mysteriously disappear.

Convinced the cheeky culprit was a racoon, they were taken aback when the footage revealed a shadowy Sasquatch type creature at the bottom of their land

2009: While hiking in the Tatra Mountain range in Poland, rock climber, Piotr Kowalski, stumbled across a huge ape-like form hiding behind the rocks.

2005: Student Nathan Wiley spotted a large-ape like beast running at around 25-30mph while shooting a school movie project. The sighting took place in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

2000: A group of hikers had a Bigfoot encounter in the forests of Marble Mountain, near Fort Jones, California. Many believe their footage to be one of the best pieces of evidence to date.


Kenny and Margaret Mahoney’s picture of Big Foot, shot in their back garden in Kentucky in 2009[/caption]

1996: Lori Pate captured footage in Washington, USA, which became one of the most analysed. During a hike, Lori and her husband began hearing loud noises from the forest and tried to film whatever it was.

The couple then spotted a large, hairy creature running to the forest on the opposite side.
Some also claim that the beast is carrying an infant on its back.

1994: The Paul Freeman sighting. Paul captured footage of an unknown beast, sadly the poor-quality video camera, meant the images were pretty blurry.

1967: The Patterson-Gimlin film. This famous short motion picture captured an unidentified subject that the filmmakers claimed was a Bigfoot.

The footage was filmed near Bluff Creek, northwest of Orleans, California and many have tried to debunk its authenticity ever since.

AP:Associated Press

Photographers Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin shot this image on October 20, 1967[/caption]

October 1955: William Roe reported that he was out scouting a hunting area near a little town called Tete Jaune Cache, British Columbia, when he encountered a large, hairy, creature that was standing on two legs.

He described it as “about six feet tall, almost three feet wide, and probably weighing somewhere near three hundred pounds.”


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