What is the Rainbow Laces campaign, are all Premier League players wearing them and where can I buy them?

THE rainbow laces campaign is back this weekend with both football and rugby battling homophobia in sport.

The campaign aims to raise awareness and support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender players and fans.

Burnley v Manchester City - Premier League
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The rainbow laces that the players will be wearing[/caption]

The Premier League will see players and referees wearing the laces whilst rugby union will also support the campaign..


When did the campaign start?

The Rainbow Laces campaign began in 2013 and was launched by LGBT equality charity Stonewall.

What is the Rainbow Laces campaign?

The movement began because Stonewall look to fight homophobia, biphobia and transphobia in sport.

They claim that 72 per cent football fans have heard anti-LGBT remarks at games over the last five years.

And that one in five 18 to 24-year-olds say they would be embarrassed if their favourite player came out.

The plan is for the campaign to raise awareness and tackle the present problem within sport.

Will all players be wearing Rainbow Laces?

Football clubs from the Premier League down to the football league will take part in the Rainbow Laces campaign.

Some Welsh rugby players chose not to wear rainbow laces this weekend in their game against South Africa because they believed it could affect their performance on the field.

According to Wales Online, players who kick the ball frequently are not required to wear them.

Former Welsh international and captain Gareth Thomas became the first rugby player to come out as gay in 2009.

Just last week he was the victim of a hate crime because of his sexuality and showed off his battered and bruised face on social media.

England’s players wore rainbow laces in their trainers on the way to Twickenham last week to show their support for Gareth Thomas and the LGBT community.

However, the majority of Red Rose players opted not to wear them on the pitch for their crunch Australia showdown.

The All Blacks and France wore them, but not controversial Australian Israel Folau, for religious reasons.

Folau enraged LGBT campaigners with his tweet in April, that said: “Gays can go to hell.”

Where can you buy the Rainbow Laces?

You can purchase the laces for yourself for just £2.99 on Stonewall’s website.

As well as having the freedom to make a donation, you can also buy other products to support the campaign.

With accessories ranging from mugs, posters, cuff links and also a bandana for your dog.


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