What time is Strictly Come Dancing tomorrow night?

STRICTLY Come Dancing has had viewers gripped since returning to our screens in September and the good news is it continues TOMORROW night.

But what time exactly is it on? And how can you vote? Fret not we have all the answers here…

When is Strictly Come Dancing 2019 next on?

Strictly Come Dancing continues this weekend with shows on Saturday and Sunday evening, as usual (October 19 and 20).

Tomorrow’s show is on at 6:40pm on BBC1 and finish at 8:30pm.

While the Sunday edition will be on your screens for forty-five minutes starting at 7:15pm with a performance by pop star Mabel.

As always Saturday night will see the celebs battle it out on the dancefloor in the hope of impressing the judges and making it through to the following week’s Halloween special.

And on Sunday, one unlucky star will be given the boot during the elimination.

Here is the FULL celebrity line-up here.

Strictly Come Dancing is back this weekend

Is Strictly Come Dancing live?

Yes – the action from the Saturday night show unfolds live.

However the Sunday night elimination show is pre-recorded.

This week popstar Mabel will be performing for your entertainment on the Sunday night results show.

This week also welcomes a guest judge – Fresh Prince’s Alfonso Ribeiro – to the panel.

How can you vote?

The good news is – alongside the judges – you too can have your say.

And there are many options for you to cast your vote:


If you want to take it back to basics you can ring in on your landline phone to save your favourite celeb.

But you’ll have to wait for the long number to be read out by Claudia Winkleman and Tess Daly once all the acts have performed on Saturday night’s show.

And bear in mind that all calls from landlines cost 15p.


Voting via your mobile works similarly to the landline option.

At the end of the show Tess and Claudia will supply a specific mobile friendly number for you to use.

Again voting this way will set you back 15p.


Alternatively if you want to take the more modern route you can vote online.

If you head to bbc.co.uk/strictly you can vote for your favourite participants for free.

But again you’ll have to wait until the end of the show and you’ve got the green light from Tess and Claudia.


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