What time is the divided solar eclipse in August 2018 and how to see it

It is the last eclipse of next year.

Summer is the season for the sunshine and although we are approaching the end of the season since it’s already August you still do not miss. A partial solar eclipse will arrive soon (and it’s the last one in 2018), so mark your calendars before August 11!

The incredible event, called the eclipse of eclipse, occurs when the moon’s disc comes out and crosses the sun’s record. However, a partial eclipse is a little different.

So what is a partial solar eclipse? And how can we see it? Here is all the information you need for partial solar eclipse in August 201

8 and when and where to see the event best.

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What is a Partial Solar Eclipse?

While a total eclipse covers the entire sun, a partial eclipse (as you probably) covers only a part of it. The last eclipse we had was a total lunar eclipse, which occurred on July 27, 2018.

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