What time is the New Year’s countdown on TV in the UK tonight?

IT’S time to wave goodbye to 2020 – a year which came with its ups and downs for many of us.

But what time is the New Year’s countdown on TV in the UK tonight?

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Here’s how you can watch the New Year’s countdown tonight[/caption]

What time is the New Year’s countdown on TV in the UK tonight?

The BBC will air a live TV show featuring the highlights of 2020 – as well as the New Year’s countdown tonight.

BBC One says the annual midnight fireworks display will be replaced with a “unique broadcasting moment” recalling some of the most uplifting and defining events of the year.

The ‘Big New Year’s In’ will go ahead from 9pm with a list of celebs keeping our spirits high going into 2021.

What channel is it on?

The New Year’s Eve countdown can be watched on BBC One right before midnight.

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New Year’s celebrations will have to be a little different this year[/caption]

Who is appearing on the show?

BBC One kicks things off with Paddy McGuinness overseeing celebrity fun and games at 9pm.

Then a Graham Norton festive special featuring Emily Blunt, Jamie Dornan and Tom Hanks will take place.

And at 11.30pm, Alicia Keys will take us through her hits before cutting to Big Ben at midnight for the countdown.

As Big Ben chimes in the New Year, viewers will be able to enjoy an unforgettable and very special midnight moment from the comfort of their own homes.

Who is presenting it?

Because the London firework display isn’t happening this year, there won’t be a presenter in the traditional sense.

Sadiq Khan, mayor of London, said: “The Covid-19 pandemic has meant we are not able to put on our world-famous public event on the banks of the Thames this year.

“But it’s important we reflect on and pay tribute to the defining moments of the year and look to 2021 with hope, and that’s why we are replacing it with a unique broadcast on BBC One.

“We know that New Year’s Eve is traditionally an opportunity to show off our great city to the rest of the world, which we will still be doing this year in a show you’ll only be able to watch from home, on the BBC.

“It will be a celebration of hope, but also provide a moment of reflection on the challenges of this year and the way Londoners pulled together.”


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