What will happen to the iPhone 6s, X and SE, will they still be supported by Apple and will your older iPhones still work?

THE US multinational company which had a net income last year of more than $48billion is effectively killing off three of its phones to make way for more expensive smartphones.

Apple unveiled its new iPhone XS, XS Max and XR at its headquarters in California.

Apple is discontinuing its iPhone SE
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What will happen to the iPhone 6s, X and SE?

The company announced it was discontinuing all three phones despite them being pretty popular

This means there will be no iPhone with a built-in headphone jack.

The new phones also make the X effectively obsolete as the new ones come with an upgraded display and feature wireless charging.

The X was only introduced last November.

It still sells its 7 and 8 models.

Apple will also bring an end to its iPhone X
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Will they still be supported by Apple?

It’s not entirely sure but if the past is anything to go by it will release updates for the discontinued phones for four years.

That will take phones like the 6s up to 2019 and the last major update looks to be iOS 13.

Will your older iPhones still work?

Yes – as long as Apple releases the updates the phone will still work.


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