When did the Ruff Ryders anthem come out?

YONKER’S own DMX tragically passed away on April 9 after suffering a heart attack last week reportedly triggered by a drug overdose.

Celebrities mourned the rap icon on social media and shared their heartwarming tributes.

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DMX passed away on April 9, he was 50-years-old[/caption]

When did the Ruff Ryders Anthem come out?

DMX‘s lead single Ruff Ryders Anthem, off his debut album It’s Dark And Hell Is Hot, was released in May 1998.

The beat, which was produced by rap producer Swizz Beatz, was initially rejected by X, who claimed the beat wasn’t raw enough.

“I didn’t want to do that song. The beat was simple and repetitive. The flow I came up with was just like so many other songs with so much substance. I was like, ‘This song is like f***ing ABC’s, like elementary,” DMX told GQ in 2019.

However, despite X’s initially reaction to the beat, the song turned out to be one of his greatest songs.


DMX’s single Ruff Ryders Anthem released in 1998, and has amassed over 142 million views on YouTube[/caption]

To date, the music video has amassed over 142 million views on YouTube.

What are the lyrics to Ruff Ryders Anthem?


DMX: Sumtin’ new

Shut ’em down open up shop
That’s how Ruff Ryders Roll

~1 DMX~
Snitches wana try (what)
Snitches wana lie (what)
Snitches wonder why (what)
Snitches wana die (what)
All I know is pain (what)
All I feel is rain (what)
I cannot maintain (what)
With maddness on my brain (what)
I resort to violence (what)
My killers move in silence (what)
Like you don’t know what our style is (what)
New York killers the wildest (what)
My dogz is wit’ it (what)
You want it come and get it (what)
Took it then we split it (what)
Damn right we did it (what)
What the F you gon’ do (what)
When we run up on you (what)
You messin’ wit’ da wrong crew (what)
You don’t know what we gon’ through (what)
I’m gon’ have to show (what)
How easily we blow (what)
When you gon’ find out there’s some mo’ (what)
That’s runnin’ with yo (what)
There’s nuthin’ we can’t handle (what)
Break it up and dismantle (what)
Light it up like a candle (what)
Just cuz I can’t stand you (what)
Put my ish on tapes (what)
Like you bustin’ grapes (what)
Think you holdin weight? (what)
Hey you haven’t met the apes (what)


DMX’s gritty lyrics made his one of hip-hops most successful artist[/caption]

Shut ’em down open up shop
That’s how Ruff Ryders Roll

~2 DMX~
Yo is ya’ll people crazy (what)
I’ll bust you and be swazy (what)
Stop actin’ like a baby (what)
Mind yo’ bizness lady (what)
Nozey people get it too (what)
When you see my spit at you (what)
You know I’m tryin’ to get rid of you (what)
Yeah I know it’s pitaful (what)
That’s how killers get down (what)
Watch my killers spit rounds (what)
Make you suckas kiss ground (what)
That’s for talkin’ ish, clown (what)
Oh you think it’s funny (what)
Then you don’t know me money (what)
It’s about to get ugly (what)
Whateva dog, I’m hungry (what)
I guess you know what that means (what)
Come up off that green (what)
pry niggaz offa me (what)
Don’t make it a murder scene (what)
Give a dog a bone (what) GGGGGRRRRRR!
Leave a dog alone (what) GGGGGRRRRRR!
Let a dog roam (what) and he’ll find his way home (what)
Home of the brave (what)
My home is a cave (what)
And yo I’m a slave (what) to my home is the grave (what)
I’m gon’ pull papers (what)
It’s all about the papers (what)
Chickens talkin’ the paper (what)
And now thay wana rape us (what)

Shut ’em down open up shop
That’s how Ruff Ryders Roll


Earl Simmons, DMX, left behind 15 kids[/caption]

~3 DMX~
MAN! Look what you done started (what)
Ask for it and you got it (what)
Had it should of shot it (what)
Now yo’ dearly’ departed (what)
Get at me dog that I rip ish (what)
With this one here I flip ish (what)
ziggas know when I kick ish (what)
Gon’ be some slick ish (what)
What was that look for (what)
When I walked in the door (what)
Oh you thought you was raw (what)
BOOOM! not any more (what)
Cuz now you on the floor (what)
Wishin’ you never saw (what)
Me walk through that door (what)
With that 4 4 (what)
Now it’s time for bed (what)
2 mo’ to da head (what)
Got the floor red (what)
Yeah that magget’s dead (what)
Another unsolved mystery (what)
It’s gon’ down in history (what)
n***** ain’t ever did ish to me (what)
b**** @$$ ziggans can’t get to me (what)
Gots to make a move (what)
Gotta point to prove (what)
Gotta make ’em groove (what)
Got ’em all like oooo (what)
So ’til the next time (what)
You hear this dog ryme (what)
Try to keep yo mind (what)
On gettin’ (uhhh) and crime (what)

Shut ’em down open up shop
That’s how Ruff Ryders Roll

How many copies did DMX’s debut album sell?

DMX’s debut album It’s Dark And Hell Is Hot released in May 1998, and featured some of X’s greatest hits, including, Get At Me Dog, Stop Being Greedy, How’s It Goin’ Down and Ruff Ryders Anthem.

The album was met with positive reviews from music critics.


Ruff Ryders Anthem became one of DMX’s greatest singles[/caption]

The album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, and sold 251,000 copies in its first week in the United States.

By 2000, the album was certified 4x Multi-Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.


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