When does Kit go home on The Bachelor?

YOUNGEST Bachelor contestant Kit Keenan has caught Matt’s eye since she stepped out of the limo on night one.

Fans have been interested to know how far Kit gets in his season.

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Kit Keenan[/caption]

Who is Bachelor contestant Kit Keenan?

Kit Keenan, 21, is a true New York socialite and was born and raised in the city of dreams.


Kit and Matt James are both from New York[/caption]

Although she is still young, she considers herself mature and wants to find a man who can match her banter and high standards.

Kit is in her final year as an undergraduate at New York University and appears to be following in her mother’s footsteps in the fashion industry.

When does Kit go home on The Bachelor?

Kit self-eliminates from Matt’s season on February 15’s episode, one week before hometown dates.

She felt as if she wasn’t ready for the commitment Matt was looking for.


Kit Keenan is the youngest contestant on Matt’s season[/caption]

Fans took to social media to relay their thoughts about Kit’s decision.

“You can’t break up with me if I break up with you first,” one user wrote.

“Kit Keenan doesn’t lose contests. She wins them, or she quits them because they are unfair,” another said.

“Why did Kit Keenan come on this show? She knew damn well she wasn’t trying to get marry at 21,” a Bachelor Nation member penned.

When is the Women Tell All episode?

ABC has yet to reveal the air date for the two-hour Women’s Tell All episode of The Bachelor.

Each season of The Bachelor usually has 12 episodes with The Women Tell All being the 10th. Following this pattern, the predicted air date would be sometime in late February or early March.


‘Queen’ Victora Larson is expected to return for the Women Tell All episode[/caption]

As fans saw with Clare Crawley’s explosives season, a change of schedule or even rumored names of finalists is always subject to change for The Bachelor franchise.

Spoiler king Reality Steve also says there will also be an After the Final Rose episode for Matt James’ season, although one did not air for Tayshia Adams’ last Bachelorette season.

Fans are speculating the new Bachelorette will be introduced during the episode, which is taping “soon.”


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