When Elul begins, the king is in the field and a new light is on its way – J.

Month Elul, 5778

August 12-September 9th

The Hebrew month Elul marks the beginning of the Jewish year. During Elul we blow the shofar every day and inform everyone in the hearing that Rosh Hashanah is just a month away. Elul is associated with Virgo and God’s tribe. The Hebrew gadget can be translated as “a troop” that fits this mercury-hardened month during which we strengthen ourselves spiritually as soldiers preparing for battle to prepare for the coming days of reverence . 19659004] It is said under Elul that “the king is in the field” that God’s presence is very close to us, in the same plan as we are at, as opposed to high and lifting a faith as during high holidays. This proximity is intended to inspire teshuva (turn to the right path, aka “regret”) of love, not fear; Elul can be read as an acronym for ” ani dodi v dodi li ” (I’m My Beloved, and My Beloved Is My, “A Song Of Song. Virgo is Mutable Earth ( Transformative Manifestation), whose function is to aim, analyze and choose what’s useful while throwing away what, though beautiful or pleasant, does not serve the highest purpose.

This year, Rosh Chodesh Elul, a Solar Eclipse and the Torah The parts of Rehobo are all the same day (Saturday, August 1

1). The sun’s light is blocked under eclipse, which makes it more difficult to see (re). A primitive psychological experience of an eclipse is increased anxiety when the light reduced, followed by relief at the return of light. During the short but dramatic episode of darkness we face our own shadowy fears. When we can see again, we see things in different ways. Can we see each other and us in a new light, and Eluls light can illuminate o out of the way when we take We come to Rosh Hashanah!

Aries / Taleh

Aries are related to Yehudah and Mars and Libra to Ephraim and Venus. They are opposites, but they attract powerful. Venus transit through her home sign of Libra this month across from your Aries Sun creates a strong attraction and desire for partnership. In Ezekiel 36 we see the two pins with “Yehudah” and “Ephraim” written that they are put together and become one. So, you know this month, Aries! Irresistibly pulled to the contrary, it’s easier to talk to you, and after mercury in Leo goes straight on August 18th.

Taurus / Shor

Retrograd Uranus in Taurus is backtracking now through the first three degrees of your character, temporary relieving pressure you’ve felt about change problems – at least for now. All the latest indications of instability are decreasing and give you time to prepare for the big and unavoidable change that will arrive at the end of next year. Issachar, the tribe of Taurus, was known to have an understanding of the times. Understand your own times now – they are a change, and you now have the time to get ready after having had a preview in recent months.

Gemini / Omim

Your ruling planet of mercury stations on August 18, giving a certain sense of order to what might have seemed an unnecessary chaotic summer for you. The sun enters the second Mercury-controlled Virgo character on August 22, and further supports your quest for a sense of normality. Gemini’s Tribe is Zevulon, who boarded ships from one seaport to another, trade goods and border with all his neighbors. Travel and communication are your superpowers. As the new norm takes shape, you have plenty of opportunities to use them for the service of those you feel closest to.

Cancer / Sartan

Retrograde Mars comes into your opposite sign of Capricorn and stays there from August 12 to September 9th. Like your tribal leader Reuven, cancer members are famous emotionally. This short but intense Mars in retrograde Capricorn transit can overload the emotional nature by challenging your sense of security. Like Reuven, who was concerned about honor in the family, you take some perceived threats to your core identity personally – but at the moment, what you see as a threat is just temporary illusions. Do not let yourself succumb to externalized hostility, it’s not really about you.

Leo / Ayieh

Forward: Mercury in retrograde Leo stations on August 18th. Like your tribal teacher Shimon whose famous insurgency was powerful enough to kill an entire city, you’ve been starving at this and it feels constantly ignored. The new moon / sun eclipse in Leo on August 11 gives an upgrade to those you most wish to take seriously. Your tribal ruler Shimon, whose subsequent later became known as melamedrons (teacher of toddlers), corresponds to Leo’s manifestation as inner child, invites your inner child to be your teacher.

Virgin / Betulah

Rosh Chodesh Elul falls on August 11th, but the sun does not enter Virgo until August 22, creating a 10-day gap between the Hebrew and Gregorian months. The ruler of the Virgin of the tribe is called “a troop” and it will take a war of warriors to use that time to nurture you with deep rest and healthy nutrition. You will burn the light at both ends after Merkurius, your ruling planet, goes straight on August 18th and enters his home sign on the Virgin on September 5th. Rest while you can, because with the new moon in the Virgin on September 9 will not be able!

Libra / Moznayim

Venus, your ruling planet, will enter your home sign on August 6 and stay there until September 9th. This is your chance to make everything beautiful, harmonious and romantic – just the way you like it, Libra. Like your tribe Ephraim, who overcome the loss of many Efraimites who left Egypt prematurely, whose bleached bones in the wilderness testified of their mistakes, you can not bear proof of your own mistakes. Challenge yourself to accept your most vulnerable, wounded and even unattractive parts during this upcoming Venus in Libra transit. It is an opportunity for healing and personal growth.

Scorpio / Akrav

Your winning strike continues this month as Jupiter in Scorpio makes an effort to Neptune in Pisces, deepened sensitivity, empathy and emotional connection. Just like your tribal loss, Manasseh’s name meaning “forget”, the obstacles you’ve experienced since the beginning of March have forgotten as you rise from the depths, stronger and more definitely than ever. Manasse’s pedigree was a black flag with an unicorn figure (some say a horned ox). Just like unicorn, your regenerative powers are both mythical and envied by others. It’s time to rise, and a brilliant ascension will be if you forgive and forget.

Sagittarius / Keshet

Venus in Vågen through September 5 puts a nice and positive spin on everything, for which you are extremely grateful. Just like your tribal teacher Benyamin recited the names of his 10 sons to his lost brother Joseph, each name that illustrates a habitat that the brothers had missed during Joseph’s residency in Egypt, you can recall missed possibilities, dreams and long desires. Everything that has left you will be restored after your ruling planet Jupiter enters his home sign of Sagittarius in mid-November. Until then: Hold on and do not let go!

Capricorn / Gidi

Your ruling planet Saturn will finally be placed directly in your home sign on September 6, giving you the opportunity to live the difference between lonely and lonely. The mountain you climb has a surprise at the top: It is you comfortable in your own skin and accepts your unique, individual self. Your tribal ruler Dan watches the borders of Israel, and your inner borders are watched as diligently. Venus in the early stages of Scorpio, September 9-13, encourages intimate connection, and this time you are ready to come closer as you finally approach your own center.

Waterman / D [li] 19659006 The long Mars retrograde in the Aquarius is almost over, but not until the plan returns to the last degrees of Capricorn before stationing on August 29th and returning to the Watchtower on September 10th . The rabbinic literature illustrates how the blessed and bounteous tribe of Asher, the ruler of the water ruler, worked hard to reconcile disputes among his brothers. Like Asher, it’s your role this month to share your abundance of wisdom with others. Thanks to Mars’s direct move, you can now share that wisdom without being too aggressive.

Pisces / Dagim

The full moon in the early degrees of Pisces on August 26, sextiles both Saturn and Uranus, which illuminate both words (Saturn) and Chaos (Uranus) in a compassionate, empathetic light. Forgiveness is the key to calm; Releasing bases creates room for growth. Targum Onkelos depicts Naphtali, Tribal ruler of Pisces, as a fast runner. Virgins new moon September 9 invites you to compete against your goals. Once you understand that you are an empathy magnet, you drive as fast as Naphtali in the opposite direction of demanding emotional vampires that drain your precious energy.


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