When is Versailles series three on BBC Two tonight, who’s in the cast with George Blagden and what’s it about?

VERSAILLES is enjoying a thrilling and steamy series three, as the show nears its end.

The series, set from 1667 onwards, follows King Louis XIV – France’s most notorious womanising, war-mongering monarch – as he struggles to hold his court together. Here’s everything you need to know about when it’s on and who’s in the cast…


King Louis XIV was a reckless king and popular with the ladies[/caption]

When is Versailles series three on BBC Two?

Versailles continues tonight (Monday, July 23, 2018) on BBC Two at 9pm.

You can also catch up with each episode afterwards on the BBC iPlayer.

Series three is made up of ten episodes in total and star Alexander Vlahos confirmed on Twitter it would be the final season.


The king was a womaniser whose dominance in the court extended to sleeping with his courtiers’ wives[/caption]

Who’s in the new series of Versailles?

British actor George Blagden, 28, plays the king himself, alongside a host of talented British and French performers.

Alexander Vlahos plays Louis’ effeminate brother, who has been brought up to understand he will never be able to rival the king.

Meanwhile, Evan Williams plays Chevalier, Stuart Bowmen plays Bontemps, Anna Brewster plans Montespan and Tygh Runyan portrays Fabien Marchal.

Suffolk-born George admits when he was first told how many sex scenes he had to do he was “utterly terrified”.

But he added: “What we’re doing is showcasing the truth. Sex is a currency in Versailles, sexual politics is a tool that is used throughout the court.

“It’s probably more valuable than money itself.”

How was series one and two of Versailles received?

It’s been described as “more trendy than accurate” by Variety, who scathingly referred to it as “a historical document as seen through an Instagram filter”.

But Versailles has been such a hit with its audience that it was recommissioned for series two before its first series had wrapped up in France.

Series one of Versailles cost a reported £25million, making it the most expensive French-produced drama of all time.

It’s probably one of the most shocking, too, as many viewers were scandalised by its depictions of violence and its sex scenes.

Series Two didn’t hold back either, fulfilling it’s promise to have 30 sex scenes during the course of it’s ten episode run.

An insider told The Sun: “This is the most pornographic series the BBC has ever broadcast.”

Just minutes into the first episode, King Louis XIV’s cross-dressing gay brother enjoys an orgy with four men.

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