Where is Poldark filmed and where is the Wheal Leisure mine? Cornwall filming locations for the BBC series revealed

WITH its rugged scenery, flawless beaches and all-round natural beauty the Cornish landscape has dazzled BBC’s Poldark viewers for many years.

Now that Poldark’s fourth series is underway, here are some of the most spectacular backdrops from the show.

Poldark could be back in spring
The wait is over for Poldark fans, with season four underway

Where is Poldark filmed?

Most of the action of the beloved BBC drama takes place against the backdrop of Cornwall’s breathtaking coastline and moors.

From historic mines being used for Ross’s struggling business to sandy beaches used as a backyard for Demelza, filming crew impressed viewers with the landscape in the show.

So where are your favourite scenes shot, and how can you visit them in real life?

The second season ended dramatically
Poldark has been a major hit for the BBC
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Where is the real Wheal Leisure mine?

Poldark’s Wheal Leisure Mine has never been short of drama, from lack of funds threatening to shut it down to dangerous injuries sustained inside.

The exterior shots for the coastal mine were filmed at the stunning Botallack Mine, which is a National Trust site near St Just on the Penwith Peninsula.

In particular, Wheal Owles and the iconic Crowns engine houses on the clifftop were used for the struggling mine, meanwhile interior scenes were shot at Poldark Tin Mine.


Poldark’s struggling mine Wheal Leisure is filmed in the Botallack area, with scenes being shot at West Wheal Owles[/caption]

Wheal Owles was used in real life as a mine in the 1850s, and workers were tasking with extracting tin and minerals from its depths.

Tragedy struck in 1893 when a flood water trapped a young boy and 19 men underground.

Their bodies were never recovered from the mine, which shut following the incident.


If you want to catch a glimpse of Ross and Demelza’s quaint farmhouse, you’ll have to travel to St Breward[/caption]

Where is Poldark’s farmhouse located?

The stunning, stone farmhouse used for the house of the Poldark family was filmed in the village of St Breward.

Interior shots were filmed elsewhere at Bristol Studios.

If you are looking for the slightly grander Trenwith mansion, where Elizabeth resides, you’ll need to venture outside of Cornwall, as scenes were filmed at the stunning Chavenage House in Gloucestershire.


The grand Trenwith mansion is filmed at Chavenage House in Gloucestershire[/caption]

What filming locations were used in Poldark series four?

As well as the regular favourite backdrops, a number of new and exciting spots have been chosen for the latest season of the show.

These include:

  • Leigh Court, Bristol – Tehidy
  • Redcliffe Caves Bristol – Interior Mine
  • Holcombe Church, Somerset – Sawle Church
  • The Kasekelot in Bristol docks – as the main ship exterior interior
  • Leigh Chancel, Wiltshire – Old Meeting House
  • Dyrham Park, South Gloucestershire – Warleggan Town House
  • Wells Town Hall, Somerset – Warleggan Bank

Getty Images

The historic Dyrham Park in South Gloucestershire has been used in series three for the backdrop of the Warleggan Town House[/caption]

Key filming locations

Poldark’s land of Nampara Cove – Porthcurno and St Agnes

Fans may recognise the picturesque cove that is located close to Poldark’s house.

Described by many as being a paradise, Porthcurno was used for the fictional Nampara Cove.

Demelza and Ross have previously been filmed walking along soft sand beach that is framed by impressive high cliffs either side.

The historic engines housed along the cliffs of St Agnes Head were chosen to be part of Poldark’s family estate of Nampara Valley.

Getty Images

Porthcurno was used for the filming of the fictional Nampara Cove, located near Poldark’s house[/caption]

Poldark’s wild moors – Bodmin Moor

If you are looking for rugged scenery, you’d be hard pressed to find a more dramatic spot in Cornwall than Bodmin Moor.

Cast and crew spent lots of their time filming panoramic scenes in the natural area, which forms a striking backdrop to mirror the dramatic storylines.

Many of the horseriding shots across the moors were taken here as riders “approached Poldark’s home.”

Getty Images

Many scenes of Poldark riding through the rugged landscape to his home were filmed at Bodmin Moor[/caption]

The town of Truro – Charlestown

The area of Charlestown near St Austell doubles up as Cornwall’s city of Truro.

Wander through its Grade II Listed harbour, which features numerous Tall Ships and is famed for its traditional appearance.

As well as being the backdrop for Truro, it is also is the setting for Falmouth, where Captain Andrew Blamey lived and where he eloped with Verity Poldark.


The picturesque seaside town of Charlestown was used for the town of Truro in the filming[/caption]

Poldark’s naked swim – Porthgwarra

Remember the scene where a chiselled Poldark stripped off and went for a swim in the sea?

The once-thriving fishing cove of Porthgwarra was used for the spot, and was filmed from the cliffs above as Demelza watched his dip.

Porthgwarra was also used for the tunnel to the place that Ross kept his boat that was used by Mark Daniels when he escaped capture for the accidental killing of his wife, Keren.

The cove is flanked by beautiful grassy dunes which are a haven for wildflowers and varied bird life.

Getty Images

Poldark famously stripped off for a swim in Porthgwarra and was watched by an intrigued Demelza[/caption]

Tressiders Rolling Mill – Levant Mine

While Owles and Crowns near Botallack were used for Ross Poldark’s Wheal Leisure, cameras headed to Levant Mill for the fictional Tressiders Rolling Mill.

The spectacular historic landmark is owned by the National Trust, just like Wheal Owles.

The towering cliffs amplified the danger of the coastal mining locations in the drama.

Shipwreck site – Gunwalloe

Viewers may recall the dramatic episode when Ross and his comrades went plundering washed up treasure and goods from a shipwreck at night.

Church Cove along the Lizard Peninsula was used for the scene when the BBC chose its filming spots.

The cove was named after a 5th-century church hidden in the cliffs on the north side of the beach.


The dramatic shipwreck scene was filmed at Church Cove along the Lizard Peninsula[/caption]

When does Poldark series four start on the BBC?

The show returned on June 10, 2018, at 9pm on BBC One.

It’s continuing at the same time on the same channel every week.

If you miss an episode or want to relive the best bits, they are made available on the BBC iPlayer.

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