Which F1 2018 races are on Channel 4 and Sky Sports? Live TV coverage for all Grand Prix races this season

F1 is in full flow as Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel battle it out for the world championship again.

The TV rights remain unchanged for another year, with Sky Sports holding UK rights to every single Grand Prix and Channel 4 showing ten races.

Sebastian Vettel is looking to win a fifth world championship
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Which F1 races will be live on Sky Sports this year?

All 21 races will be live on Sky Sports F1 in 2018.

Which F1 races will be live on Channel 4 this year?

The following races will be live on Channel 4 this year.

Bahrain – 8 April
Azerbaijan – 29 April
Monaco – 27 May
Austria – 1 July
Great Britain – 8 July
Belgium – 26 August
Singapore – 16 September
Japan – 7 October
USA – 21 October
Abu Dhabi – 25 November

F1 UK television schedule

The full calendar of the 2018 races are below.

25 March: Australia – Sky Sports
8 April: Bahrain – Sky Sports, Channel 4
15 April: China – Sky Sports
29 April: Azerbaijan – Sky Sports, Channel 4
13 May: Spain – Sky Sports
27 May: Monaco – Sky Sports, Channel 4
10 June: Canada – Sky Sports
24 June: France – Sky Sports
1 July: Austria – Sky Sports, Channel 4
8 July: Great Britain – Sky Sports, Channel 4
22 July: Germany – Sky Sports
29 July: Hungary – Sky Sports
26 August: Belgium – Sky Sports, Channel 4
2 September: Italy – Sky Sports
16 September: Singapore – Sky Sports, Channel 4
30 September: Russia – Sky Sports
7 October: Japan – Sky Sports, Channel 4
21 October: USA – Sky Sports, Channel 4
28 October: Mexico – Sky Sports
11 November: Brazil – Sky Sports
25 November: Abu Dhabi – Sky Sports, Channel 4

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