White Chocolate Marshmallow M&M’s Are Here, And I Want Them All

Dairy Queen

It’s not exactly sweltering outside, but if you can enjoy a sweet, icy treat any time of year, then Dairy Queen has a deal for you.The chain is enticing customers with a BOGO deal that offers a second frozen Blizzard for just $1, and the promotion is already underway.On March 8, Dairy Queen started slashing the price of your second Blizzard to just 99 cents. The deal lasts until Sunday, March 17,

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Krispy Kreme

Ah, St. Patrick’s Day – the only time of year when it’s safe to eat green food that isn’t normally green.In the spirit of the season, Krispy Kreme is bringing back their green O’riginal Glazed donuts. (See what they did there?)Krispy KremeIf the luck of the Irish is on your side, you can also win free donuts for a year by visiting the donut chain on Patty’s Day

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Twitter – Amir Blum/Instagram – FreeBrianRea

This sounds super weird, but sometimes I wonder what it would be like if a celebrity was in some of my life situations. Like if I was at the grocery store with Channing Tatum, what would we talk about? Super weird, I know. But it’s just one of those things that goes on in my brain. For a plane full of passengers on a United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Burbank, California, they found

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Instagram – Josiah Duggar

Being married young is never easy on a couple, but things become more complicated when there’s a loss involved. For Josiah Duggar and his wife, Lauren, they had to experience a hard loss not even a year after they got married. Instagram – Josiah DuggarJust months after their wedding, Lauren and Josiah found out they were expecting. Not long after that, the 19 year old woman miscarried in October. In February, the couple shared the

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Instagram – Mandy Moore

It’s undeniable that Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia have one of the most beautiful relationships on television. The This Is Us stars have both been nominated for Emmys because of their work, but it’s not just their on-screen relationship that is special. Off screen, they are incredibly close and have a respect for each other that isn’t always seen among actors. Instagram – Mandy MooreIn honor of her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame,

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Instagram – Nikki Bella/ABC

Nikki Bella, whose real name is Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace, has been one of the top wrestlers in the WWE fo years. She also appears on the show Total Bellas with her twin sister, Brie Bella. Nikki was engaged to legendary WWE star John Cena, and when the two split, it was rough. Wikimedia Commons – Daniel BenavidesAfter they ended their relationship, the couple was fairly quiet on what the cause of their breakup was. They

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