White cop seen in video kneeling on black man’s back in the same spot George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis

NEW footage shows a white Minneapolis police officer kneeling on the back of a black man at the very location where George Floyd was killed by officer Derek Chauvin months earlier.

Commenters on a YouTube video shared by On Site Public Media last Tuesday have identified Kyle Mader as the white officer in the video, who is seen forcing a black man to the ground and placing his knee on the man’s back.

A video shows a white officer kneel on the back of a Black man at the intersection where George Floyd was killed
The incident occurred at the same location where George Floyd was killed by Derek Chauvin
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The incident occurred on December 4 at the corner of E 38th St. and Chicago Ave. in Minneapolis, which has since been renamed George Floyd Square in honor of Floyd.

The video description states 12 squad cars and more than 20 officers arrived at the scene to apprehend “one person for a non-violent offense.”

The video description states the police “then antagonized the community” by “pointing pepper spray at the crowd, cursing at innocent bystanders, and physically assaulting a black man who did nothing but stand and observe.”

Video of the incident shows one white officer arresting a Black man on the ground while the other officer identified by users as Mader points out a Black man standing in a crowd watching the arrest.

The intersection has since been renamed George Floyd Square
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The officer is seen targeting a Black man at the scene
The officer taped his badge number and was wearing a thin blue line badge

The officer then attempts to grab the Black man who steps away, and the two get into a scuffle as witnesses and other officers attempt to separate the two.

The officer pins the man down to the floor, while the video has been edited to say the officer dislocated the Black man’s shoulder. Attempting to restrain him, the officers puts his knee over the man’s back as another officer comes to his side.

A bystander in the crowd then repeats “He didn’t do anything” several times.

The video ends with a photo of the officer, whom the video’s editors have noted cannot be identified as he had blocked his badge number with tape, while also wearing a thin blue line badge.

The two then get into a scuffle as the officer tried to restrain him
Social media users have identified the officer as Kyle Mader, who is seen here receiving a Lifesaving Award
Minneapolis Police Department

“On the evening of December 4th at 7:45 pm, Minneapolis Police responded to an armed carjacking,” MPD Director of Public Information John Elder wrote to The Sun. “The suspects fled into that area of 38th and Chicago.”

“Officers encountered individuals and force was used,” Elder continued. “That use of force is under review by the Office of Police Conduct Review.”

The video has been viewed over 275,000 times when it was shared on TikTok, with users there also identifying the officer as Kyle Mader.

Another video shared by On Site Media claims Mader has seven complaints during his two years on the job, including three which are still under review.

Four of his complaints were closed without any disciplinary measures taken. The MPD even shared a photo in June 2019 showing Mader receiving a Lifesaving Award for his efforts.

Still, many users commented at the location of where the officer in the video kneeled on the back of the Black man.

Floyd was killed at the location on May 25 of this year when Chavin kneeled on his back and stayed there for close to nine minutes while Floyd, gasping for air, suffocated to death while repeating “I can’t breathe.”

Chauvin and his colleagues, J. Alexander Kueng, Thomas Lane, and Tou Thao, are scheduled to go to trial in March, 2021.


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