White man with african girls

As you can see this white man gave money to these african girls and he looks so happy…

The question is why did he gave money?

The african women does not look very happy…Can you guees why he gave meny to them?


Do you like the sexy african girls?…
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He obviously gave them money for the photo. Doubt he would risk contracting AIDS by paying for sex. No offense though, he’s still an ass.


contracting AIDS? actually it is the girls who are in risk of getting AIDS from him. there are many people like these who get all sorts of sexually transmitted diseases from visitors. not to mention their tradition being ruined by “help” in the form of money, cloth, etc.
why did he give them money? maybe he thought he was helping them. i don’t think he was paying for sex as it is very unlikely that the girls know about prostituition. –
Are you not aware that the AIDS rate in Africa is something like 100 times higher than in Europe or America? He is at far more risk of contracting AIDS from these girls than the other way around! –
You need to study before you put your foot in your mouth. You have a better chance of getting AIDS in the United States ! We have a lot of cases of people dying from unsafe sexual practices. And unwed teenage mothers than Africa. Tired of people treating Africa like its some uncivilized disease death stricken place. When America is full of drugs and too much sexual freedom and higher risks. Africa is a big continent, do your research!! Some areas are affected while some not at all.
Emmanuel SOBGA
I think he did not give them money.In Africa it is always a pleasure to welcome a stranger.African don’t do things for money first.
What is being poor?Not having a car?A house like those who think they are high above human beings?
Instead of speaking about being poor I will focus on being rich,which is being ready to serve and respecting each other instead of judging who is lower or higher or poor or rich.
I’m not racist but white people do really have something wrong against Africa.They denied the first human being was from Africa,they said Africa had no civilisation before even the inhabitants of Egypt was not black(so they want us to believe that white men once lived in Africa).Then the Great Lie came with the Evolution Theory to say that we started by being a fish in a water then an animal then a monkey and finally a human being…Try please to respect each race with its culture and belief.Judge not,because the best knowledge is to recognize you know nothing,if you think you know more,so create your own world where things will look the way you like them to.. –
jelo says:
to sobga – ive been to africa and most africans do not like visitors taking their picture because often they get nothing for it while the photographer gets money from postcards or sells the images on stock photo websites, etc. they will almost always ask for money for a photo with them. africa is poor and yes they are by nature usually very welcoming people but that does not change the fact that they need money and will do things for it. –
Emmanuel SOBGA

You got me wrong.Africans are poor because you compare them with your kind of civilization.
You judge Africa on the basis of Occidental civilization.Hunting money at all cost.The hell no.
Our main goals is not money and if today we ask for it,the bill I see in the hand of those young beautiful girls is nothing in front of what that guy harvested from that picture.
The money they got is not what is going to feed them for the whole year or forever.It is just a symbol,a sign that now,we are not going to let you do think for grant or for fun a earning money from us.

I like your argumentation.But if ever you got a question about Africa,do not hesitate…

So Emmanuel, there’s only one culture in Africa and you are the expert on it? Last I heard Africa is made up of more than 50 countries, with even more cultures.
You aren’t an expert on every single African culture, and you don’t know the people in the picture, so stop pretending you have any valid insight. –
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